Liberty Sunday

So. It's Ian's Liberty Sunday! He finished the Crucible yesterday and I will be leaving Wednesday to go to Family Day and Graduation!!!!! I am SO EXCITED I can hardly sleep! I'm so nervous too. I'm just...yeah. Nervous as heck.

For all the ladies who have gone through boot camp, when did your Marine call on Liberty Sunday? I know he gets phone privileges today. But I am going crazy not knowing how long the phones are open. He's an hour ahead of me...I'm assuming once 6 or 7 o'clock hits I can stop clinging to my phone. I don't know if I should expect a call or not. He needs to call his mother and his sister too (It was just her birthday). So...yeah. Basically I'm sitting at home today staring at my phone, willing it to ring. Hah.

I'm trying to think of a nice graduation gift to get him as well. I was thinking a new wallet with the Marine Corps logo on it. He needs a new wallet SO BADLY. I found one at this store by my house, so I thought that might be nice. His parents are getting him an iPhone. I can't really beat that. lol
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Aw congrats and enjoy it every second!!

Well. Ian JUST called. They gave him 2 minutes. Most of it was us just going "HI!" He's completely lost his voice...was all excited because they gave him pizza today lol. I wish they hadn't made him hang up so soon. All of the sudden he got quiet for a second and said, "Oh. They are making me hang up. I'll get back in line." And he was gone...I hope he calls back. :)<br />
<br />
Two minutes is fine with me though! That was the best. I know he can't really be very emotional with all of those guys there so I was fine hearing about pizza. lol

I never got a phone call lol, so you must have been lucky! When I saw my bf on Family Day and Graduation, his voice was almost gone! I was like jeez lol. His phone got deeper. But his voice eventually came back (: haha.