Only A Month

Well, today my marine and his unit left for a month and there will be no contact at all until they return to their base :( I'm not sure how I will handle not having any communication with him for a month. I seem to be okay right now but I think that is just because it hasn't really hit me yet. I keep reminding myself that it's only one month and that I will be busy with work and classes so the time will fly by but any advice would be great! Thanks ladies, stay strong <3
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2 Responses May 6, 2012

So i haven't introduced myself lol!! I'm Storm and AJ is my fiance he's currently deployed now and he'll be home soon and i'm kind of crawling out my skin with waiting!! my advice is keep busy and busy as you i read old letters and surround myself with people 24/7 every negative thought i get i immediately think of something positive that out weighs the negative one!! i write to him often and really a month is going to go so fast you actually going to be thinking where the hell it went - ALWAYS REMEMBER NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS!!! Stay away from newspaper news that type of thing trust i once nearly had a nervous breakdown because of it and for no reason whatsoever!!! The other nice thing is we here for you good luck be positive and strong you can do this!!!

lol oh wow that's embarrassing i did introduce myself i'm sorry the mind maybe slipping slight!!!

really i've been loosing the plot so often that i'm actually doing this a whole lot more than normal

Hahaha omg you are silly! Don't worry about it :) Thanks for the great advice! :) I plan to write to him A LOT lol while he is gone to help the time go by and he said he said that he sent me a letter before he left so I have that to look forward to :)

So far i've held on by re-reading all of the letters he's ever written me, even the ones written in high school. I'm glad I held on to them all because not talking to my marine for a month is hard, I go to school and work but i just cant keep busy enough so I've picked up different projects, they keep me busy like oil changes or brake jobs....I even made a scrapbook...anything to keep busy i

Awee that is so sweet :) I am expecting a letter in a few weeks so I have that to look forward to and I plan to write him a letter everyday or week :) And I have some friends coming home from school I haven't seen so that will be good. Thanks for the advice! :)