No Call Alittle Sad But Holdin On...

So its Sunday and my marine didn't call, I know they only get like 10min and he had to call his parents too and I don't even know if he could call today...he promised to call as soon as he could, and he's never broken a promise before so I'm not hurt by him not calling because I know he loves me and will call as soon as he can...I just wish he could <3

-everyday your gone i miss you alittle bit more, love you alittle bit deeper, and pray alittle bit harder. Everyday your away is another day closer to you being home<3
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I totally know the feeling. My marine is currently at MCT and I waited all day today waiting to hear from him. I finally did get the call though and found out I won't hear from him again for two weeks whiles he's in the field. :/ Just hang in there and know that your man would call if he could. You're not in it alone! :)

Is he at MCT? My bf is currently there. He's allowed to call every Sunday, but told me he will be in the field for 11 days, so he won't be calling me until next weekend. He'll get Saturday and Sunday liberty (:

His liberty also might have been taken away. It just depends. Is it his first week there? So many things could have happen. Maybe he hasn't been able to call yet. I don't know the time difference for you. The time difference for me is I'm 2 hours ahead of him. Just know he loves you and is thinking about you constantly (:

thank you so much i've been goin out of my mind today checken my phone every 5

and yes hes at mct and thankfully theres no time difference i just dont know what time of day he can call

Lol I totally understand! Is he in Cali?

nope hes in NC and im up in NY thankfully its not that far but still further than id like. lol

Yeah lol. I understand. People have said MCT in NC doesn't get liberty or something. So, that might be why. Stay strong! (:

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