Emotional :/

My Marine is in SOI right now and I was really excited because I get to talk to him every weekend, It seems like the weekend just flew by and now Im sad all over again.:( Two more weeks of this and he will be in MOS school and then he gets libbo every evening and weekend (unless he loses it). He also told me that he may get to come home before MOS until a slot opens for him. I am very happy to hear that (:.... Then, I almost started to cry when he told me that he still had to get deployed for 7 months even though he is in security forces. I hate that we have such beautiful conversations and then he just says babe I have to go. It breaks my heart every time. 3
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1 Response May 6, 2012

Aww girl I know exactly what you mean! Hang in there, it'll get better! Good luck :)