So my boyfriend just deployed, I never imagined he would be leaving so soon! I am sooo sad, and I cant stop thinking about it.....what should I do?

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Lexy is right, it just depends, my husband is currently deployed. I've been able to talk to him a couple times a day but that just started happening. Before this week we only got to talk once last month. It just depends what they are doing and if they are able to access the computer in their down time. <br />
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You'll figure out what to do to keep yourself busy. Just try to remain as positive as you can as much as you can. If you get in a slump you got to get up out of it, or else the days are going to drag on. Trust me, I know. Granted your going to have bad days, it's natural. Sometimes you might burst out in tears and not even realize what was the trigger. It's insane the emotions that come out during deployment haha but it's all just a part of the ride! Enjoy it as much as you can. Do things to stay positive. I decorated and went all out on a monthly package to him. I would collect things through out the month before and theme them and would dedicate an hour to myself to put it together. It gave me a little time to do something fun and for my husband and made me feel a tiny bit closer to him knowing he was going to get it and enjoy it. And he did! He showed the boxes off to everyone that had eyes! Sadly no May package, but that's because it'll take to long to ship to him and wont meet the dealine of no shipments (YAYYYY) You'll figure it out though, and you will pulll through! <br />
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Another thing, and don't take this wrong it is meant out of the nicest part of me heart. Please edit the post and remove his deployment date. It's a violation of OPSEC. I have a post you can read so you know for the future. But it's for their deployment safety. :)

Thanks girls=) oh and one more often will I get to hear from him?

that depends its different with everyone right now i hear from him twice a day but there going somewhere else and it might be only a few times a week. Ive had friends that would only hear every couple week but it all depends youll get a better feel of it once hes there

It just depends, sometimes more then once a day, others you might go a month with just one email if that. That recently happened to me, April I only got two very short emails because he didn't have the time.... Or when he did have a moment he didn't have a way to get on the computer or WIFI. So it will all change through the deployment. Just make the best out of the times you get to talk to him, and wait patiently till you get to talk to him again. Don't worry, you'll get through it. :) It really does fly by! My husband is deployed and already almost home. The first month is the hardest, but it does get easier in a sense. :) And we are all here to support you when it sucks!

Hey I'm Storm and AJ's is my fiance he's currently deployed now and he'll be home soon and i'm kind of crawling out my skin with waiting!! my advice is keep busy and busy as you can i read old letters and surround myself with people 24/7 every negative thought i get i immediately think of something positive that out weighs the negative one!! i write to him often - ALWAYS REMEMBER NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS!!! Stay away from newspaper, news that type of thing i once nearly had a nervous breakdown because of it and for no reason whatsoever!!! The other nice thing is we also here for you good luck be positive and be as strong as you - you can do this!!!<br />
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Also just a reminder watch OSPEC - dates times days that sort of thing.

mine just deployed almost a month ago the worst part is waiting for a deployment it does get easier. I was a mess the first week and even thought I couldnt do it but you can. it gets easer go out with your friends enjoy your summer it will fly by trust me thats what i keep telling myself so I hope it works for you and if you need anything feel free to message me! :)

I think the best advice I can give you is to keep busy. Hang with friends and family. And keep strong girl!! Ain't gonna lie its the hardest at the beginning but it gets easier over time... you learn better coping skills. You'll always miss him and think of him... keep your head up it'll go by faster than you know it... if you have any questions feel free to write me. :-)<br />
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