Am I Crazy For Thinking Like This Already?

So I have been thinking about if I want to finish my degree at the school I am at right now or to finish it online. I can finish it online through the the school I am currently attending. I know I'll still be on campus for the next school year but I am not sure about the year after that. My boyfriend is in Basic right now so I probably don't need to worry about it now but I have been thinking about it alot lately. I spent every night with him for pretty much 8/9 months before he left. I know I won't know anything until whenever he gets stationed to a base but I would love to move near where he is based if I can. I have talked to my Grandma about moving to where ever he is and she said if I love him she sees no problem in it. I just didn't tell her about the finishing my degree online thing yet. I have also talked to my boyfriend's mom about it too. Everyone knows how much we care about each other. I know I probably shouldn't be thinking about this quite yet but I am. My academic adviser at school, who was in the military, actually is the one who told me about finishing my degree online and was saying if I want move near him sooner I could do that. I am waiting until my boyfriend comes back from Basic to talk about it because I feel it is something we should talk about in person instead of through letters since it is an important topic. Am I crazy for thinking like this already? I already know he is the one I want to spend my life with. Him being gone is proving that more to me everyday.
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I don't think it's crazy at all. Though I would suggest taking into consideration a. Your living situation if you move (how to pay rent, bills etc) and b. How/where to find a job. School is very important and I'm glad to hear that you want to finnish school. Just remember your financial situation! I'm not saying you shouldn't move, all I'm saying is keep in mind everything else. Especially if for whatever reason (God forbid) the two of you break up. I've been there and done that (with my high school sweetheart) and had to move back in with my parents when I was 20 (not the ideal situation). Just remember to plan ahead and be prepared. :)

Haha! you are NOT crazy!! My boyfriend is in boot right now and I understand completely!!! I'm a full time student but I loveeee my boyfriend and am considering the same thing!! I don't think it's crazy but, just make sure this is what you want to do. If you have time, I would talk to your boyfriend when you go to see him after graduation, who knows maybe things will change, Your relationship could get more serious!! If you ever need to talk, feel free to message me!

You're not crazy. I can relate to you a lot actually. My marine is currently at MCT and I still have another year in my undergrad. I definitely want to move to where ever he's ba<x>sed after I graduate and then do an online master's program so that I can be with him. It's not bad at all to be thinking about this stuff, it just shows how much you care about your man. Talk about it with him, it could be something to really look forward to when things get hard and will surely help you get through this next year! As far as the school part goes, there's a lot of ways to finish a degree and I think online is a great option. It will allow you to be able to move around when he does. I wish you the best with your man! :)

I know some schools have it to where if you do it online that you attend class like once a week or once every two weeks... is yours not like that where you go?? Or can you finish up some schooling and transfer?? I have to finish all of my schooling before i can move with my man... well he's currently deployed then he goes to Texas and my school is only offered in Cali. So i guess I'll just have to go on vacation in Texas until I graduate and see where it leads he and I from there... so i guess you and i are kind of in the same boat... but I think education is very important. Hope you figure it out girl. My man said he'd wait for me to finish and it sucks to know that we have to be separate longer but I would like a career so that were both financially stable. Good luck girl!!