My Fiance Just Left For Bootcamp

I've been with my fiance Ian for 3 years now, and we got engaged this past Christmas. He left today for Parris Island after being I'm the delayed entry program for 7 months. He wants to go into law enforcement as a career so he decided to enlist to gain the best military experience out there. I was so excited for this new journey to start and so was he. I hardly cried saying goodbye to him at the airport today. Well tonight it just now sunk in and I'm crying my eyes out. It has just now hit me that this guy who has literally been my best friend and has been there for me for 3 years is far away from me for this first time. With no contact. I'm so used to going to him whenever I'm upset and him only being a phone call away. We graduated high school together. At this point I almost wish he never joined because I'm afraid it will ruin what we have. I plan on writing him every single day and being as supportive as possible. Someone please help me out and tell me it gets easier. This just feels like a shock to my system right now and I feel horrible.
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1 Response May 7, 2012

It does get easier. My bf left in March and now we are less than 4 weeks away from graduation. Keep yourself busy, write lots of letters and get ready for that first letter from Parris Island! Boot camp will fly by and he will be home before you know it! Feel free to message me or any of the other girls who have guys at boot camp! You can do, just be strong for him because he is going to need you!