The Awkward Moment When...

Your boyfriend's/fiancé's/husband's best friend since childhood forces you to come over for a "BBQ" dinner at you boyfriend's/fiancé's/husband's mother's house and she talks crap about you in the phone to his aunt over the phone RIGHT in front of you... true story, bro (lol! I've always wanted to say that and 'you mad bro?'!). Talk about AWKWARD. And rude...

Aside from that, thankfully I've gotten my trip to James's graduation all figured out. James's best friend, Brett, who is also going, is going to pay for me. It's the nicest thing he's ever done for me (other than getting me the Sims 3: Pets expansion pack for the PC for Christmas last year...)!

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I agree with Storm, my BIL and MIL have done some pretty narly things to test my patience, you have to just be above them and not give them anything reaction. That's what they are looking for honestly. My dad always says, it's not about what provokes you it's about how you react. If you blow up it makes you look bad and give them the ground to say, see what I'm talking about? If you don't give them anything it just makes them look like the complete douche that they are being. Haha Ok my dad didn't say douche, but it sums it up Lol<br />
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Ok that is a best friend! Seriously! That is beyond sweet of him to do that not only for you but obviously because he cares about your man so much that he wants to make sure the important people are there for him! Seriously soooo sweet! I'm soooooooo happy you got everything figured out and your able to go to his graduation now! :D

Yeah but patience is NOT my virtue! Lol. I have tried so hard to be her friend and be nice and such, but she doesn't seem to want it. Either way, if not for her, but out of respect for James, I'll keep trying, bite my tongue when I really wanna say something back, and I'll ignore the stupid things she does, like you said, so she doesn't get a reaction out of me. And thank you! Brett can be an idiot at times, but he's got a heart of gold to balance him out. :)

what.... odd. hmm exactly what storm said she really isnt worth your time. I mean if she had legit reason to be rude to you then ok but shes just doing it to be mean so forget her... and STAY EXCITED :D so excited for you !!!! not even a month left :)<br />
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AHAHA omg funniest thing according to my 11 year old sister im not allowed to say "cool story bro", "true story bro", 'epic fail" and i cant member the other thing because im too old and i dont know when to properly use it lmao. Im like 21 ... since when is that old haha that just made me laugh and reminded me of her when i read that :P

D'aw... You're not old at all! But you, Storm and Jordan are all right. I'm just going to not say anything. She doesn't deserve a reaction out of me. Not after all I've done for her, which is more than I've done for even my parents (sad to say...). She tarnished my relationship with parents, and for that I WANT to stoop to her level. But she'll just say, like Jordan said, "See what I mean?" if I react.

She makes being mad at her so difficult... :P

AW congrats i'm really happy for you and the rest of ignore it seriously it's so obvious she's trying to get a reaction out you turn the other cheek walk away and pretend it never happen the cool part is it'll just annoy her more - dont stoop to her level because it isnt worth it!!

Thank you, and I'll definitely not stoop to her level. She doesn't even deserve an argument from me. Lol... :P