Wedding Vows!

Alright so I've been working on my vows what you think i think it might be to long so let me know what you think?

A lot of people ask where I met you and I never have an answer or a proper one, you’ve always been part of my life, you’ve been the irritating boy that used pull my hair or, trip me on the way to school, there was even a time you were more annoying than Jason and, the person my mom forced me to play with. You became my best friend a very long time ago as annoying and mean as what you were you were. You were always there ready for a shoulder to lend me or just to talk or on many occasion tell some boyfriend that he  was making a nuisance of himself or exactly and where he stood in the greater scheme of things you are the best gossip and have all the best scoops but you were always there to give me that extra push when I needed it or just hug to get through whatever drama was happening in my life at the time. You became the one person I knew you would always be there no matter what if I picked up a phone in the middle of the night I knew you’d always answer it didn’t matter how far or close you were you always found a way to let me know I had you’re support even if it meant a lot of people didn’t agree with what I was doing.   

The day I realized I’d been fooling myself that we were just friends was when you made me fail my anatomy final because I couldn’t stop thinking about a stupid sentence in the most recent letter I had got from you, ‘We screwed Storm, not even Chuck Norris can save us now.’ Granted you were graduating from boot camp in three weeks and I was finishing that anatomy final and would be on Spring break but some how I didn’t think you were talking about just you or your friends admitting it to myself in the middle of a final was never the brightest idea I’ve ever had. Something had changed both us when I knew things had changed between us was the first time I saw you at family day the AJ that had left the one that was more like my brother than friend literally left me speechless for the first time ever I felt completely out of my depth with you – you scared the hell out of me!! Just how I can never tell anyone how I met you there isn’t a specific day that I knew I loved you either it just happened one day you were my best friend the next we on a beach deciding where to from here I thought about it a lot and I cant come up with an answer its wasn’t about one specific moment or day or thing you said its everything from the minute you walk into a room to when you not around you the only person who can make smile on the worst days of my life and you the only one who can actually make me believe in the impossible and you took parachuting nobody has ever been able to convince to go higher than a five story building.   

My life was simple I’d get up go work and come home and sleep I had the occasional bump in the road where something would raffle a few of my feathers but never really drove me crazy then you happened. Since you bulldozed your way into my  life for the first time in a very long time you showed me in your own way how to trust again how to let go of the past and jump into something with both feet and never look back because you gave me back a piece of my life that was missing for a really long time it’s being forced into situations where there’s absolutely nothing else I can do but trust you and your judgment everything I’ve learnt from the people around me the most important things I can find in you my mom pointed out the other day that before any of this your mom and my mom got me to explain my perfect match without knowing it everything I wanted I already had in you. It’s almost seems crazy that the person I was 5 years ago that used laugh with you about the stupid things people could do over a boyfriend or girlfriend is now a person who makes me keep my cell near at all times I’ve broken bones just trying to get to the phone in time, my Skype is permanently on I do hourly email checks and I’ve become a master in seconds, minutes, hours, days and months I’m always on a count down to something or another and as much as I thought it would bug it doesn’t my days are made better by letters and phone calls its brought me back to basics you are a constant reminder from the first time I see you step into my line vision or when you walk through a door from the day you graduated to this very second when I’m around all the crazy in our lives doesn’t nothing matters anymore it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone around us but us – we the important factor here and it makes more sense than the world to me right now. We’ve known each other for 28 years it’s a long time you’re life and my life are basically the same and somehow we’ve managed to separate our lives we’ve been through a lot I don’t think there is anyone in my life that knows me the way you do the cool thing about us though is I feel like I’m just getting to know you and that part I’m getting to know that I never knew is the part I love about you. You know what to do to make me smile when I’m sad to make me laugh when I’m crying you’ve seen me angry mad insanely happy and at my lowest low and you’ve still stuck around there has been so me times I’ve thought right he’s about to run for the hills but you never do.

In the last few years you’ve become such a part of my life that when you aren’t around which is more often than not I actually miss arguing with you about why the toilet seat in my house is always up I also find that when I’m shopping I can hear you saying step away from the cabbage your house will smell like you make me smile with actually being there. I’m looking forward to this new chapter where we actually get to build our lives together I look forward to one day sitting on our porch having a stupid argument of who did what and when I see our lives full of friends and family and happiness and laughter and memories that never end I see us  growing old together. I look forward to seeing you become a dad to our daughter’s first boyfriend and our sons first kiss I look forward to the little things to like our first real house and even though we have our first dog I look forward to the rest that follow more importantly I cant wait to start building our future, dreams, hopes and goals together I cant predict it but I know there will never be a dull moment we may have cheated on the getting to know each other part but theres never a day that goes by where you reveal something knew about yourself like the day you found a bunny and hid it your barracks you forced me to smuggle in the dreaded fart smelling cabbage and carrots and convinced me that moving bunny would be a bad mistake because we’d upset him too much it surprised me because the guy I knew used to run around with my brother and you brother and threaten to make bunny stew with any bunny you came across you also recently showed me a side where puppies and babies make you get a goofy grin – it’s a side I’ve never seen and it’s a side I see more and more and I’m getting used to very quickly .

I promise to love and honor you all the days of my life especially when you leave the toilet seat down and you give me dimpled and goofy grins. I promise to always give you chicken soup when you sick and make sure you eat your vegetables including cabbage and to never go on one of your little ‘workouts’ because it’ll be fun because I know it’ll only be fun for you and for the next five days I’ll feel like I’m actually dying. Understanding, honesty, trust loyalty, forgiveness and communication has always made us work we’ve held onto those things throughout our relationship we’ve never wavered and we’ve never doubted that’s what makes us work and that’s what I promise you today. AJ, I love you. I promise to encourage and inspire you, to laugh with you, and to comfort you in times of sorrow and struggle. I promise to love you in good times and in bad, when life seems easy and when it seems hard, when our love is simple, and when it’s an effort. I promise to cherish every minute I have with you, and to always hold you in the highest regard. These are the things I promise you today, and I will and live up to them for all the days our life.
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OK THAT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! So heart felt! It is a bit long, but if that's what you want to say, SAY IT! It's about you and AJ! Although, from experience, the ceromony is so nerve wrecking! No joke! Haha I'm normally an attention wh#re so I didn't think I'd have any problem haha but seriously I was so anxious I could hardly get through my vows! We did traditional vows also so it wasn't long at all. So even though I think it's amazing and beautiful, I don't know if your going to be able to get through them! You got to think about it and feel comfortable and never regret not doing them. You got to weigh all your options though, maybe if you cut it down a little without some how not taking the emotion out? Which I don't know if that's possible cause it's all amazing haha your in a touch situation! Well with whatever you decide your vows are going ot be AMAZING! I'm so happy that you and AJ found such a beautiful love :) Especially since you've known him your entire life! Haha corny, but it reminds me of that taylor swift song oh my my my Lol!

lol i was already crying just going them i have no idea what I've let myself in for! I'm already a ball of nerves as well it's crazy! thank you i'm still trying to figure out how it actually happened but i'm happy none the less!!

Well if you don't think you could get through them, you could always write this to him and let him read it later maybe right after the wedding and before bed time? ;) Lol And you could say pretty much the same thing but shorten it so you could make it through the vows. Haha when I did my vows I felt like I was going to pass out no joke! Haha I was soooo nervous and I kept giggling to stop myself from bawling and looking like a complete idiot. I don't have a pretty cry, and I would have ruined my make up HAHA the cermony was the hardest part for me no joke, my knees were shaking, I felt like I was going to pass out, it was hilarious looking back but traumitizing during LOL

ok so we in the middle here i'll have a look at it again see what i can - this is why i keep you girls lol!!

this took me 20 mins to read literally because i had to wipe the mascara that was running down my face lol SOOO CUTE, omg just beautiful. I am so excited for you to be able to spend your life with someone that you love so much and is not only your partner but your bestfriend and so much more!!! congratulations girliee :)

lol thats the problem writting it made me cry a bit too!!

totally understandable, im sucha a nervous person i dont even know how id ever get through vows infront of sooo many people hahaha, id like freak out or need to be drunk >.<

Awww see I have to disagree....I think your wedding day is the one day where you should get to ramble about your love for each other for hours!!! That is so so sweet, I love how honest you are and I'm truly touched. It's wonderful to see that kind of love. It's up to you and AJ how long you want it to be, but if you want to say all of that, I think you should! That was beautiful :) I'm so happy for you!

thank you!!

Lol it's beautiful, but yes, way too long for vows. I'd leave something like this for AJ to read on his own. Maybe right before the wedding? And I'd keep what you have to say short. Maybe something like, "Who knew that the boy I was forced to get along with growing up would be the man I want to hold hands with as we watch our own children grow up."<br />
<br />
<br />
Or something to that extent. Show the history but make it concise :-p Probably less corny than what I said. I'm sorry, I only speak corny :-p

lol i think this is probably the coniest i've ever been Sam keeps telling me the cornier the better so i can do corny thanks!

Wow!!! That was super long!!!!! Lol but it was beautiful I especially liked the ending.