Got My First Letter! :)

So I came home from a day of classes and rehearsal, completely exhausted and crabby, and laid down on the couch for a quick nap (which turned into an hour and a half). Then I was woken up by my mother who said she had a surprise for me and she handed me a letter. I got my first letter from my marine! :) Which contained one of his dog tags and a promise that when he comes home he will bring the other one home to me :) I am unbelievably happy right now :) Just wanted to share some happy news with you ladies and I hope everyone is doing well! :) Stay strong <3
marineballerinax6 marineballerinax6
2 Responses May 8, 2012

Aw yay that's awesome congrats!!

Thanks!! :) and I actually got a call which I was not expecting :) It was at 2:30 am but who cares right!? lol

no really bring on the 2:30 phone calls you so forgiven lol!!

awww that encourages me! so nice to see a happy story! & i love tht idea of his! so sweet!

thanks! I figured I'd share with everyone :) Haha yeah he is incredibly sweet :)