He's Going Off To Boot Camp In A Few Months...

Not long ago I met my boyfriend and we fell madly in love with each other. I knew he was joining and I was okay with it because of our connection and love for each other. I recently went to a pool function to support him and the other poolees there, that's when it hit me hard. He's leaving in October and I'm not sure how hard it'll be. Can anyone connect with me and give me advice? I'd love it since I am so very new at this. Thanks so much.
MaiaLapi MaiaLapi
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1 Response May 8, 2012

I know exactly how you feel. I've done the same thing for my recruit and fiancé, James. I went to a pool function because James wanted me there to help keep him going all day. As I'm watching them do these exercises with ammo cans and such it kinda blindsided me - he's leaving to become a Marine... To protect me and the country I live in. I almost was going to go to all of the poolees to say, "thank you", but I was too shy, lol. <br />
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My fiancé is currently a recruit in Parris Island and is graduating June 1. If you need anything, I, as well as many of the other girls here in this group, would be more than happy to help you out. :) just message us.

Thanks so very much. I will do that.