I Am Soon To Be Wife Of A United States Marine (:

I've had "friends" come up to me telling me "Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl I'm dating this HOT marine too" and I just wonder huh how long is she going to do that for he isn't going to be hot or around to be hot all the time. Few days or weeks later they tell me "daaaaaaaaain giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl I couldn't put up with it its so hard they are never home" and I think duh they are working for US. -_- And same with my gorgeous Fiance he talks to his buddies that change girlfriends every other month and he tells me about them and we both laugh. I am dating a United States Marine but it isn't enough I am dating HIM the person he is because I am not marrying his job I am marrying him. Why don't people understand it isn't about being cool because of your bfs' job it's about knowing him and being his bridge to sanity knowing what to say to make his day better when it isn't always doing good and to send him little letters to just say I miss you because it reminds him that I am waiting for him at home. Who cares that he won't be here next weekend to make it to that cool party everyone will be at I will be at home next to my laptop to talk to him because that is a true relationship not dating a body or a job but the amazing man that does the job that others wouldn't ^^ I love being his salvy angel <3 Not going to say it is always easy but what ever is?
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7 Responses May 9, 2012

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Haha thanks you guys glad i'm not the only one that sees this ^^

I completely agree!! Thanks for posting! :)

You go girl!! I love it!!

omg seriously i think i just had the same 'argument' like a DAY ago!! i completely agree with you and what you said!! I'm Storm and AJ is my fiance he's deployed now and coming home like really really soon i cant wait really i think between then and now i'm actually going to go completely nuts waiting!! welcome!

totally agree with you! All my friends thought since my husband deployed I was going to dive back into the college scene with them... Uhhhh no! I'm happily married and would much rather not do anything that would cause any doubt about my faithfulness..... It's just a difference in maturity I think. Those girls just don't understand what a commited relationship is about, especially not the pressure of a military relationship. But to each is own, they are happy and I am too. We just got to do what makes us happy, and I'm happily in love :)

i love this!! and i totally agree, especially with the being at home with your laptop part lol totally me haha ive become such a hermit since my bf has been deployed but like in a good way :P