Feeling A Bit Fustrated... Yuck

So for the record, I'm not fustrated with my husband haha We are doing great and anxiously waiting for his homecoming! Which I have a moment like everyday where I get a burst of pure excitement about him coming home and feeling like I'm crawling out of my skin! Haha so that's alllll postive! :D Which is good!

Now onto the vent haha
Sooooo my in laws.... Which I'm blessed to say they could be a lot worse, so I am thankful for the most part. But, sometimes they just get under my skin! Thank God they live in MI so I don't have to deal with them constantly. For the most part I do get along with them, but they can be sooooo self centered! It drives me nuts! I come from a nice size family, 3 brothers, one niece, and two happily married parents, so I've always been very sensitive and supportive to my family members. It comes natural, my parents are extremely loving and giving and have raised all of us to be the same. So when I get around really self absorbed people it drives me NUTS! I just don't understand why they think they are the most important people on the face of the earth. My husband has one brother and parents that are complicated to say the least..... My brother in law and mother in law have to be the worst though.... Granted my father in law has his moments he's over all so sweet, a little awkward, but loving and giving none the less. My husbands grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends are all amazing and I adore them! Minus one cousin haha but my BIL and MIL are really getting to me.....

We are planning our trip back to MI to visit has family, soon after his homecoming... Which I'm kind of torn about as is, simply because he deployed two weeks after our wedding, and during our wedding his family stayed for the weekend (which I didn't mind) and we spent the weekend with them after our wedding. We only had about 5 days alone before he left. Then two weeks after he gets home, we are going back to MI for two in a half weeks.... The total time we have spent alone as a married couple.... Now I've been really looking forward to the trip, talks to his friends, and my friends over there, his cousins, I've been getting super excited! Until today that is....

So we bought our tickets, which were not cheap what so ever, but when are flights across the country ever really cheap? So whatever, well my MIL skyped me while I was looking, so of course I included her and was talking to her and looking and having a nice time... Until, she reminded me they sold the Jeep (Tyler's first car and only car there) and we needed to rent a car.... Which at first I was like oh ya that makes sense... But with both of us being under 25, the price is crazy! over 1000 bucks for a RENTAL for the time we are there.... I told Ty and asked what he wanted to do. He then reminded me that a car shouldn't be a problem because his mom has 2 cars, his brother has 2 cars, and his dad has 3 cars.... So what's the issue? 7 cars for 3 people, why wouldn't they let us borrow one ? Ohhhh cause they are simply selfish.... -_- They sold Tyler's car back home, and now want us to pay as much as a down payment on a new car! Seriously? Don't they know sharing is caring? **** man... I mean this trip is so expensive as is! Plane tickets, shipping all of his stuff, all the expenses you pay for when you go on a vacation, easily a couple grand.... Well a couple gran in plane tickets and shipping alone... Seriously, why wont you let one of your precious cars be barrowed? It's really not the big of a deal, at least to me it's not. Considering my family ALWAYS shares cars. Sometimes my brothers want to borrow a truck instead of their cars, so either my brother or my dad lets their truck be barrowed, my brothers car broke down, so I let him borrow the jeep a little and when I was using it my other brother lent his car or my parents lent one of theirs.... It's a flipping car! Why would you expect us to pay over a grad to rent a car when out of the kindness of your heart you could let us borrow a car that is sitting in the garage the entire day as is... Am I wrong for being annoyed by this? I mean my brother in law goes into Ty's room all the time and just TAKES his guns, clothes, lets his girlfriend sleep in Ty's bed, and more without even asking? I mean seriously? I snapped when he told me his GF slept in Tyler's bed.... Seriously. OUR BED.... Not ok, we are taking all of his stuff for our house and I'm sorry I don't want your sketchy GF (now ex) sleeping in OUR bed...... That just grosses me out! I told Tyler we are putting that bedroom set in the spare room and using mine as the master now. You just don't sleep in someone else's bed, especially a married couple. It's just always this way with them, what's yours is mine, what's mine is mine.... Seriously? I don't want to put up with them acting like this for two weeks...

Thank God a friend of mine is back in MI since her husband is deployed, now I can at least have an escape route when my husband's friends our working haha

They just do this stuff all the time, I think it might be little and I'm probably blowing this up but it's like a Chinese water torture with them sometimes... The constant little drips just makes me want to blow!

Wow this turned out massive! Sorry haha I don't blame you girls if you don't read it HAHA I just needed to get it all out cause I don't want to beat my husband up about it. He's already so negative about how his family functions, and I'm such a big person about family I'm always positive, but he always tells me my family isn't like his.... I think I'm really getting where he's coming from now... Gah I hate saying that.
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hmm well thats annoying lol. Honestly my parents would NEVER ask me and eric if we wur in your shoes to get a rental car, although we only have one vehicle atm my older sister and her boyfriend own a car together as well and i know someone would always be ever ready to lend it or drive us wherever, espcially if they sold what use to be our means of transportation.. Did you mention to your mil how expensive it would be, and the expenses that have already been put towards this trip? I dont know how much good it will do, but its worth a shot right? Thats crazy though!! a thousand bucks holy, i really hope they realize the amount of money getting thrown to this trip, and also hope you and tyler get some alone time to be together! Leme know how it all goess!!

Girll!! When are you coming back to the stumps?! Hurry up so we can have a wine night/***** about the in laws night! LOL! :) But seriously .. suupperr redic about his parents and the car .. you know how to reach me i'm always available to chat with you're more then welcome to ***** about it to me instead of Ty! It will help take my mind off our upcoming deployment. really, it's a win win haha

HAHA I'm heading to the stumps tomorrow! But not for a fun trip :/ I'll text you the info tomorrow cause it's late and I don't want to wake you. But I'm going with my mom and grandma and then going to shop after to get over the load of poop that I'm going to deal with when I get to 29 -_0

We seriously are having our wine night! I'm going to be demanding though, I might need one before I go to MI and after! Hahaha! I will deff text you next time before I unleash on Tyler HAHA For sure a win win! As soon as I get to 29 we can have as many wine nights as you need to get through deployment. :)

I'd get way too frustrated and angry... I'd probably say something I shouldn't. : <br />
<br />
Something similar, oddly enough, is kind of going on over here with James's parents. James has an old '88 Ford F150 Lariat, and it means the world to him, as well as me. He's put a couple hundred bucks into it, too. He was told that while in boot camp, his mom would have a good friend of James's, the only one who really DOES know how to drive stick, run the truck every now and then to make sure it's going to still run. Well... Brett's brother drove it and when that happened BOTH headers cracked AND he needs a new muffler. Go figure... Now his parents are going to tell James he has to get a rental car, because even if they fix the truck, they won't let him insure and register it for less than a week of being home and, here's the similar part, NO ONE will share a spare car. No one. James cannot afford a rental car. I might have to ask my grandmother if James could drive my grandfather's car. <br />
<br />
As you can see, I, more or less, know what you're going through. It's ridiculous. But people are who they are.... And it sucks. Lol. Thank God for this group and that we can vent here!!

OMGGG that sucks!!!!!! Ya they just sold Tyler's car... They are weird like that, they sold some of his guns, odd things, even his flipping dog! Everything he paid for, and no they don't give him the money.... Even though they are extremely well off.... Your right though, people are who they are...

I can't believe how Jame's family is being, that is beyond awful! I don't get how family can watch another family member struggle with something and just be like ohhh well! It's honestly sickening... I'm so sorry girl, your future in laws sound like a nightmare :/

Well, yours don't sound like a walk in the park either! Lol if James's mom had the chance, she'd sell everything of his. Including the two cats and snake if I didn't have them. It's frustrating how the family works. I hoping boot camp kind of makes James a bit more independent and willing to start a life of his own away from his mom. Once we're away from her... Things should go relatively smoothly.

I think your man should have AT LEAST gotten the money from all of that though... It's not like he left all that stuff there because he's never coming back and format care about it. :

Doesn't* I for know how format came out of that.

Wow I definitely see why you'd be annoyed my family is like yours where they'd share their cars in a heartbeat its crazy how people would expect their son and daughter in law to rent an expensive car when they have extras!

Ok I feel better that I'm not being a drama queen haha I mean seriously, they know we don't have the extra cash! We are getting furniture for our new house and everything I mean really... Blahhh they suck right now lol Thanks for the support girl :)

Anytime girl :) and I totally understand how fast stuff adds up when ur furnishing a house and travel expenses are crazy these days :/ good luck with everything! :) try not to let it stress you