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I've been struggling with writing here but I decided I finally will. My story you would ask ? Acomplicated one but which story isn't ?

It all started somewhere near last year New Years . I met this guy. Online, yes, but I wouldn't think itwould get to the point where it is now, so I didn't care that we met online. Not that I care now, butit's a bit silly. He is from USA. I am from Middle Europe. He is a Marine-to-be I'm an University student.

We started talking. Spent countless hours talking on MSN. After 2 (or so ) months I asked him, just forfun, if we could skype. He didn't had Skype back then, but installed one for me (or so I think at leastand want to belive ) . Our first talk was pretty awkward but somehow felt good. Yet with time ourtalks on Skype went a bit overboard. Endless hours spent at night talking.Going to sleep at 5 in themorning was nothing special after a while during weekends ( 6 hours time difference ). The Skypecalls became a daily routine. Before or after my classes and before or after his physical training at hisbase. Every day( or almost every day ) we used to skype. If we couldn't we were just typing to eachother for hours.

With time it became clear, or at least more clear that it used to be, that I grew to like him. And not ina normal liking way. I started to really like him. When we couldn't talk I found myself sitting andthinking about what he is doing or stuff like that.
O f course that sounds silly, yet belive me I didn't plan that out. It happend. The way he talked to mewas very comforting when I was going through family problems. Always there, always listening,always making me smile.

So after a while I told him that I liked him and to be honest not much did change between us. It stillwas as good as it was . One thing did change tho. I decided to go and meet him. Applied for atemporary tourist Visa to USA ( waiting for US Embassy for their answer ). Yet I'm still studying so Icouldn't go right away. Even if I could, I wouldn't be able because he left in mid April for boot camp.Before he left I said that I'll be waiting for him. And if nothing would change after boot camp gladto be maybe a little more than friends. For my surprise he said the same thing.
So I gave him my address, hoping he would write to me. It's been almost a month and I still didn'thear from him at all.

Now I'm sitting here and reading all your stories. I know I'm not even a girlfriend ( or anything evenclose ) of his, but I miss him. I wouldn't think it is so hard, especially with not even a single letter. Iknow it takes time to deliver a letter between two continents (and I know he just might not have anytime for that and be too tired) but It's not the fact that he will send me a letter I care about. Actually it's only the fact Ican't write to him.
I know how to do it tho, but I promised I’ll wait for his…

So now, please, if you read this, whoever you are, tell me, what should I do ?

I'm not giving up. Don't misunderstand. I just don't know what to do ...
And sorry for the wall of text.

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I'm not a girlfriend or anything either, my heart just belongs to one of our marines. I'm in the same boat.. just minus the continent part, so if you ever wanna chat, send me a message. I'm sure we have some common ground

Well because he might still be in phase one they can't begin to write letters until about the middle to the end of Bootcamp. And that's if he finds the time or if he's not too tired. Bootcamp is tough stuff. But keep your head up girl. I hope you receive a letter. Good luck!!

Again thanks ! I will do my best I can ! ♥

I'm not sure how long it takes for a letter to go from one continent to the other, but I'm sure it does take quite a bit of time. You said he left in April, so he's somewhere in Phase One, or close to Phase Two depending on what day in April he left. <br />
<br />
If you have recieved his boot camp address, write him, deffinately! If you haven't, wait for his letter to come, but in the meantime maybe write some letters to him. Get thoughts down that you want to write him and one day that letter will appear! When it does, you can either send the letters you wrote to him or just write a new one in response to his. Maybe even both.

I already wrote a bunch of letters. Didn't send them due lack of address but I hope that I will get a letter from him soon enough to share all the stories ! Thank you again dear !