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well my story is long ,,,,,, let me start off in the beginning well 3 months after my boyfriend and i started to date we ended up breaking up ,,, and well i had my fun i am not a girl that sits down in a dark room and crying to be waiting for him to take me back **** that .. well anyways at that time my boyfriend and i have broken up ... 3 guys ended up asking me out and well they asked out on dates so i would go and try something new ... my ex boyfriend asked me if i wanted to hangout because he knew i was bump out about the whole break up and well him and some few friends of mine got together and we were drinking having a good time and well me and this guy ended up kissing that night but i didnt care because i was single and well around that time my ex and i were hanging out a lot but no we weren't doing anything wrong he had a girlfriend and well my ex and i were really close he always been there for me and i would always be there for him anyways my boyfriend and i got back together and my ex wanted to meet him so my ex , my boyfriend , and my boyfriend sister and one of her friends ended up hanging out and i wont lie that night was really crazy ... my boyfriend had to take off again :{ and i would stay at my place a lot i would get depressed and stuff and well my ex would take me out with his girlfriend and we would all kick it but then one day my ex wanted to talk to me and he told me he was fooling around with my boyfriend sister and i got so mad because he had a girlfriend i even slapped him ... anyways couple days passed and his girlfriend ended up hearing that me and my ex were fooling around but that wasnt true and i told her she didnt believe me so i had to stop talking to my ex because i didnt want to cause trouble .. and well my boyfriend ended up finding out about the rumor and i told him it wasnt true and i guess he still think is true by today ... anyways recently i was going to break up with him because his ex girl was commenting on his pics saying how cute he looks and all that bullshit that got me mad and well she was his first of everything and i told him that it bugs me and he didnt listen and one night i was very upset saw he was still talking to her so i was like **** it i cant take it anymore so i was going to call it off and well he promise me he will stop talking to her...... now today he saw a picture of my best friend and me there was nothing wrong with the pic ( he's been my bestfriend over 7yrs now ) any ways he told his sister about and his sister got mad and started telling him what it they have something going on and stuff what if she cheating on you but she is only telling him that because he stop talking to his ex and well his ex and his sister are best friends and i guess she hates me for that now .. but i am not that girl that isnt me i love him with all my heart hurting him is the last thing i want and it gets me mad because he is telling her how i went out with my ex boyfriend how could i fucken hang out with him and all this bullshit ( bring up the past ) and she tell him how ugly he was and all that stuff and it ****** me off because she ****** him when he was going out with some one else and i was the blame for it >< and i don't know what to do because i cant stop talking to my bestfriend that always been there for me always helps me out with everything i dont mind stop talking to my ex but not my bestfriend just because they are both thinking wrong and **** i want to talk **** to the sister for putting **** in his head when she doesnt even know but i know i cant do that because that his family what should i do i need advise :[
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thanks you guys those advise really help me :) well my boyfriend and i hardly fight he is a very jealous person well from what he told me i am the first girl that made him that way, and the whole jealousy thing with my besttfriend it caught me off gaurd because every time he comes home they end up hanging out like they are best buds just the problem is really is that his sister is putting s**t in his head

Yea I understand. Ryan's gotten kind of jealous lately but i went to visit and talked it out with him in person which helped. I know that's not always an option though. And my ex was a good friend too but I told him I can't hang out with him unless Ryan is there. Just out of respect for him. I hope things get better!! Feel free to email!

I agree so much with you storm! I dated someone who brought out the worst in me. I was a jealous crazy, miserable person. Ryan brings out the best in me though. Those are the types of people we keep around. And breakin up just breaks trust and no one learns a lesson. It ruins relationships. <br />
Two rules I live by, <br />
1. Break ups are final. No second chances. Only exception is if it's over 6 months later. Gives you time to get perspective on the relationship and build it to be better. You less blinded by love. <br />
2. Don't do anything you wouldn't want him to do. Example: If he can't talk to his ex, don't talk to your ex. End of story. It shows respect in my opinion.

Alright so I've read a couple of your stories and there seems to be a pattern in them.<br />
<br />
1. Jealousy is a big thing in your relationship i think take a step back and take a good hard look at it remember if you want him to do something you've got to be able to give that thing up as well if you not prepared to then don't expect him to - what's good for the goose is good for the gander. <br />
2. breaking up all the time isn't always the best answer you can love someone and still be their friend but breaking up and getting together takes a huge toll on both of you the last thing you ever want is to destroy each other by trying to hurt each other by getting the other person back for they said or did. <br />
3. There comes a point in every relationship where you've got to decide whether you really want to be with that person or not - start speaking to each other more.<br />
<br />
I had a boyfriend in college and we broke up and got together every few months we'd fight all the time and there was a point where i'd just had had enough!! Our answer to everything that i didn't like or he didn't like was to break up in the end it broke me and it broke him i had no confidence in anything i did anymore and second guessed everything that i decided on doing i also became a person i hated and never wanted to become i was jealous about everything and everyone i started comparing my life with other peoples and kept thinking that people were out to get me - it wasn't pretty really i was a horrible person i wont lie!! We broke up with each other the last time and i promised i'd never get back together with him again and it turns out we way more suited being apart than together we friends now and in all honesty he was the first person i spoke to about AJ and he encouraged me to get together with him and he's coming to our wedding not only that him and AJ are really good friends now. my point to this is you've got take a step back, sometimes the people we think we love bring out the worst in us and sometimes that person just wasn't meant to be take a step back and decide if this is what you really want if it is then jump into it with both feet and fight dam hard to make it work if not go your separate ways but don't break up with him to teach him a lesson it never works and every time it happens its another crack in foundation of your relationship - decide what you want because relationships should never be this hard or complicated.

This isn't even my story and that advice helps me put a lot of things in perspective right now. You're a big inspiration storm &lt;3