Got My First Letters :)

I got my first letters from Brandon today. I was so excited when I saw them that I screamed and started crying. I am so happy I got letters from him. It was nice to hear from him. He said some really cute stuff in the letters. He asked me to send him candy since they can get food sent to him but I have heard that you can't send them stuff like that. Does anyone know if that is true or not? It was cute to see that he was waiting for my letters as much as I have been waiting for his. We both miss each other so much. I don't get to see him graduate for another 10-ish weeks but he already is talking about how he cant wait for me to come see him graduate and see him in his uniform. He said he thinks about me everyday just like I think about him everyday. I love that boy so much. I didn't realize that a letter could mean so much to me but it does. It is the first I have heard from him in almost three weeks. I can't wait to get more letters and see how he is doing. He is doing really well so far.
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Aw i'm so happy for you!!

Awe Congrats!! :) Getting that first letter is truly the best feeling isn't it? :) I got mine the other day and I keep it on my night stand :) Glad you got to hear from him! :)

Awe yay! (: Happy for you! If he says he's allowed to get things like that, then he can. My bf didn't tell me until after he graduated that his DI's were cool. They received literally everything. A bunch of guys got cookies. They could either eat them themselves or share them with the rest of the platoon. So, you can send candy if you want (: But I would be nice and send a lot for the rest of his platoon (; since they barely get that stuff! lol. Your bf must have the DI my bf did LOL. He graduated like 4 or 5 weeks ago from San Diego. Some guy even got a HUGE Valentine's Day card in his platoon, with like 1000 little hearts LOL.

If he is in bootcamp, you can't send him candy. You can't really send him anything other than letters and pictures. But, right before the crucible they usually ask for energy bars and such. You are allowed to send him those right before the crucible! But, if you send him anything else, it will be taken away and he may have to do more work because of it! Happy you heard from him, I didnt hear from my boyfriend for a week and a half! Prepare to become addicted to getting letters!!

Aww ! Happy you must be to hear from your love ! Hope they will keep coming to you (and from you ofcourse ) during the next 10 weeks too ! ♥