Shooting Marksman And Now I Have An Idea For A Home Business

SO. To start off... I got a nice little letter from James today! YAY! He truly is adorable... I guess the guy that told me he got discharged from James's platoon... is real! RCT Gray... Who'd have thought, huh? James said that Gray is a nice guy, so I'm not being fooled. And finally, after waiting long and patiently... James finally told me he scored Marksman on the rifle range! Yeah, I know... 'pizza box', but still, I'm so proud of him!! :D I mean, at least he didn't get LOWER than that! He also said his platoon had their first Company Commander Inspection and that he thinks they did good because his Senior DI didn't IT them for it. That's great! Last I heard, from a mother of a recruit in James's Platoon, they were going to the sand pits quite a bit...

As for the Home Business Idea... I'm thinking of sewing together some items... anything really... and having a certain percentage to go a different charity each month. One of which being the Wounded Warrior Project. Good idea? Some input on that would be great.
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2 Responses May 10, 2012

Awesome idea go for it and congrats i know you crazy proud too!!

Congrats to your man!!! And sounds like a great idea!! I've seen alot of little home businesses go off of Facebook to promote!! Good luck!! What kinds of things would you make??

Thanks! And I can see pouches, pencil cases, bags, aprons, pillows... All sorts of things!