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I was reading some stories and it got me thinking ..... when people say that we have the hardest job I don't like that. Because he puts his life on the line every day for me and doesn't complain most people would. He is away from his family and me and has to put all that aside and think about the other people in his platoon because they could get injury for something he does. Yes I am strong but I already was before I was with him life made me this way.he hits rock bottom and then brings himself back up not alone but who ever does What do you ladies think????
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I agree. This isn't our job. We all knew this was going to be hard, and if we didn't want to deal with it, a good portion of us would have left our SOs (I'm only assuming). But every Marine, as well as any other service member, needs someone like us back home waiting for them, it gives them something to look forward to. To keep having even a little bit of hope. I think that if anything is a 'job' it's trying to always stay strong for our men, generally about anything. Even then, I don't think I'd even call that a 'job'...

I think that thinking of this as a job is our first mistake its not a job not even close he's doing the job we doing the supporting but i understand we call it a job because sometimes it feels like it you know the long dragging days that never seem to end the same thing over and over again - thats a job i only call it a job when i'm fed with stuff lol!! i think by far we go through a lot but they go through way more than us its harder to keep it together but we do because we dont have any other choice just like them yes it's not easy but we do because simply put we all in love and dont know any better lol now i sound like a ****. but yes i agree we get the butt end of it and try and sort out the blow up but they live it and go through it AJ constantly tells me the hardest thing is being away from his family and not know what will happen and not being able to be there when stuff goes down and on top of all of that he still has to deal with deployment and the stuff that goes down and the worst part is those guys are his friends - without a doubt its a lot harder i agree with you. My dad once told me that they dont always admit it but those rock bottoms happen way more often than we realize so i think we have an important job, if you want to call it that, but not the hardest we have our down days but it's a lot easier on us because the people that love us are here to help us unlike them - now blabbering but yes i agree with you!!

Yea I would call it a very important supporting role. We do have people here for us. They have to deal with the loneliness.

I agree with you both. It's an important "job" but not the hardest.