Hello :)

I just discovered this site in hopes to connect with ladies who are going through deployments with their Marines. This is our first, and hopefully last deployment!

My Fiancé is a Corporal now (even though our photo from the ball was when he was a LCPL). I'm very VERY emotional right now that he's gone...it's not anything that I ever wanted to go through.

I always told myself that I would NEVER ever fall for a man in the military, because I thought I was too selfish to make the sacrifice to just wait around for someone. Well I was very wrong, and I love him more than anything in this entire world. He means everything to me, and if I had to wait 100 years for him I would. He's my world, my rock, and the love of my life and I can't wait until our marriage June 1, 2013!
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hey I'm Storm and AJ is my finance he's deployed now and we planing on getting married this year if everything goes according to plan!! Just keep busy surround yourself with friends and family and keep distracted its hard but it can be done!! Good luck with everything and we all here for you and welcome!! Congrats on your wedding as well!!

congrats on your marriage!!! its just right around the corner and I hope that its an amazing day for you and your fiance!! My boyfriend is deployed right now, and the emotions tend to switch from being okay one minute to being absolutely down the next. I always thought the same was about I could never wait for someone, but when you finally meet mister right it doesn't matter as long as you have one another in your lives. Congrats again!!!!

awh so excited for your marriage!! my bf is deployed right now as well and im very emotional about it too. if you ever want to talk feel free to message me :) the only thing that gets me through it is him talking about proposing when he gets back! stay strong and feel free to message me! :)

I use to tell my self the same thing! A lot of my family members are in the military, and I was like ohhhh no! I'm not going to deal with that! Haha but love is love :) <br />
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Don't worry, the deployment does get easier, the first month was the hardest for me. You'll constantly have rough days through out the deployment, but it gets easier in the sense that you figure out ways to help cope. Talking on here helped a ton for me! My husband is currently deployed, he comes home in about a month and honestly the time flies by! It will be over before you realize it. :)