Week Three

That first letter made everything just a little bit easier. Every morning I've been putting a letter in the mail and every afternoon I check the mail, praying for one of my own. I got just about one for everyday of the week. PLUS yesterday I got some seashells and beautiful flower petals. I bawled like a baby. Kyle also drew an outline of his hand and wrote "place your hand in mine". He is still taking care of me even in bootcamp. So amazing. He also said he made squad leader, which is something he very much wanted so I was very excited for him. This week was the easiest so far for me. His letters kept me going and I got two summer job offers. God has really been taking care of me too. When you put your life in His hands and let His plan for you happen life unfolds as it's supposed to. I've been doing Zumba, a little yoga and lots of Bodypump all at the YMCA. i've allready lost five pounds too! So as far as life goes, this week was wonderful. I just wish I could have shared all of the wonderful things that happened to me with Kyle. I always considered myself a strong person, but knowing what Kyleis goingthrough to become a Marine and knowing that he is still taking care of me, and staying upbeat,funny and loving all while training and being squad leader amazes me. I am so proud to not only know him, but to know that in a few short months I will be married th him.
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1 Response May 11, 2012

I agree that the first letter made everything easier. What company is Kyle in? Just wondering to see is he is in the same company as my boyfriend Brandon

Golf company!

Brandon is in Golf Company also. :) He is in Platoon 2153

My boyfriend is also in Golf Company but hes in platoon 2154!