Help.... I Dont Know What To Choose!

okay ladies.... this has nothing to do with my marine... well he will get pictures of this buuut anywho.. i have a HUGE preformance coming up and i have a costume picked out but im so lost on the color! if you could take a look and give me your opinion that would be amazing!!
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7 Responses May 12, 2012

Blue or red

Blue or red!!!

I say blue, red, or white. Mainly because if your on stage you want to pop and the black will kind of fade into the background. So depending on what your preformance is about you should pick something that will suit it best. I think if your doing something sweet the white would go best, since it's more angelic and sincere. The blue for something up beat and bubbly. The red for something that's a little more sexy and sensual because it's a little spicy. That's just what I think :)

i like the blue, black, and red color of the dress, you can't go wrong with either color

i like the blue one then the black one and the red lol

Definitely blue or black

I really like the blue! But you can never go wrong with black (: