I'm Getting More And More Curious...

James keeps mentioning how he's got something he's sure I'm going to love. He said this after I mentioned that the engagement ring was eating a hole in my finger... I really want to know what exactly it is. I mean, sure, it sounds obvious, but you never know with James. Also, I know for a fact that James didn't get another ring before he left for boot camp... he couldn't afford it. And I'm pretty sure you can't just buy a frickin' ring in boot camp for your girl back home... right?

Oh great... I'm hurting my brain by thinking too much!

Also, something that's just ******* me off... James's best friend, Brett, has been nice enough to say that if I ever needed a place to live outside of my parent's house, he'd let me live with him when he gets his apartment, regardless of being able to pay rent. This apartment was originally going to be a two bedroom 1.5 bath apartment shared between Brett, his brother, and our friend Cori (female). I was going to share a bedroom with Cori... NOW it's going to be a 3 bedroom 2 bath apartment near the green BUT... 5 people are going to be inhabiting the apartment... Brett, Brett's brother, Brett's co-worker, their friend Curtis (a druggie...) and his girl friend. I was told I was moving in with them last week. They're supposed to be looking at the apartment Sunday, so I asked Curtis's girlfriend to send me pictures over Facebook and she goes, "Are you going to be paying rent?" ... uhh? I mean it's a valid question, and I should pay 'cause I really don't want to be a mooch, but... Brett told me I didn't have to worry about it, and I guess he kept that to himself and didn't tell anyone else. So I told this chick, "Forget it. Brett told me I didn't have to worry about it, and he knows I can't afford to pay right now..."

MY POINT BEING: Brett shouldn't have told me that I could live with them rent free if that wasn't what was going to happen. 'Cause now I sound like an idiot trying to mooch off of all these people, and I'm not. I was just taking Brett up on his offer.

I texted Brett about all of this, and he's like, "Then go get a job, apply -here, here and here-." ... I've applied to literally, and I don't use literally lightly - I mean it, EVERY store in my area. Each and every business turned me down. I told James about this, and he began encouraging me to do what I've been wanting to do for my whole life, start my own business... and of course, my parents pretty much tore that idea down... How can I start a business with no money...?

I'm really frustrated with life right now... and I can't wait to go to Parris Island and see James... That'll be a great little vacation away from my parents... I need to talk to James about our future... and how crappy it's looking, even if he's going to be a Marine. Other than wanting to be more independent and not let his mother control him, James wanted to be a Marine to help provide more for me... He wanted to be able to provide a future for me. I appreciate and love him for that (as well as hundreds of other things), but... I don't know...

RAUGH! >:'O I'm driving myself INSANE!!!
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wow!!! haha i think they can buy a ring at the px but the only time they get to go there really is the weekend before the crucible to get the watch and after the crucible when they get to call home :D <br />
<br />
oh and about the you moving in that sucks.. personaly i would not want to live with 5 other people. <br />
you guys are getting married so when he goes in to the fleet you can move with him. truly i would hold on and stay in my parents house until then if you can.<br />
<br />
good luck girl <br />
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