I Used To "date" A Us Navy Guy And He Screwed Me Over! I'm Pissed Off!

I used to let's say "date" this navy guy currently stationed in Naples Italy....actually I went out with 4 different US navy guys but I'm gonna tell you only about one of them....and I wanna tell you in advance that this is MY STORY so I have no intention whatsoever to make you start doubting your boyfriends or husbands.....It might be some sort of misfortune in my case but I met this guy one night at one of those BBQs they throw every now and then....and I was still pining over another guy but I got so wasted that night and he was so nice to me we started making out...and after that night it was texting and texting and so we were playing with each other and decided to have fun and become **** buddies....at first we had fun and it meant nothing at all...then he started sharing his life with me, telling me about his mom's death, introducing me to his best friend, took me on base, gave me his navy sweatshirt, his favourite stuffed animal, holding my hand whilst driving...he was very very nice to me so one day after he told me about his mom's sudden death I began falling for him and that's when things fell apart...he felt I wanted more and pushed me away....even told me that having sex with me didn't imply liking me...that he was fond of me and that he wanted us to be friends...dropped me off at my best friend's and gave me no hope! given 24 hours I got a text from him saying he missed me and that he wanted to see me, so he came to pick me up and even though I had heard those lips utter horrible words the previous night I ended up having sex with him....the most wonderful night of my life....the morning after we started talking about being in relationship, about being together for real and I was so happy although he was pretty scared about me having to move to France for a semester for the erasmus project....anyway that day he drove me home and kissed me on the lips saying we'd see each other in 4 days coz he had to work and to be ready on monday at 3 am after his shift and he even took my money coz I asked him to get me some groceries on base since they got starbuck's (which is something we don't have in Italy)....he never showed up again, that was the last of him, started ignoring my calls, my texts and when I asked his best friend where he was he told me he was on a mission in Norway and I believed him....it turned out he was with his girlfriend whom I knew nothing about :( :( :( He called me again a week later saying he never meant to lie to me but he was falling for me and he was scared! so I decided to get a bus ticket and leave town but he talked me outta it just to stand me up and make me miss the bus on purpose to take it further..... :( Texted constantly until the day I left italy but he never replied..I was told he shared the details of our sex life with all of his colleagues, called me nympho and told everyone I was his dog :( so I left without looking back and lived my pretty life in France and almost erased our memories together....had other guys but always thought of him coz the worst part was I couldn't understand why he had done such horrible things to me after I had let him in my body and in my heart! I had cleaned his ******* house, cooked for him, held him in his sleep, for ****'s sake! then I got back home in naples and one night I got a message from him...he wanted to apologize and make it up to me and that's when I gave vent to my fury! lol He told me he loved me but there were things about him I wasn't ready to know, like that when he pretended to be in norway he was actually in rehab! i was speechless and wanted to believe him so badly but he had screwed me over way too many times, I just couldn't....So I told him to **** off and go play with someone else....but still he was nice and different so I decided to go to his place and give a closure to that freak show...I took 2 trains and walked for 5 km but when I rang the doorbell he wouldn't open up! :/ never understood why! emails, phone calls and nothing , he started ignoring me again....even when I sent him pathetic texts with tears in my eyes....so in march I told myself to remove him from my life once and for all....unfortunately last week I bumped into one of his colleagues and he told me things were serious and that HE got dragged into rehab....and that led to me getting totally wasted and calling him saying I ******* hated him and that I was worried about him....wanna know what he replied? I would like to be inside of you and **** you!
that's made me low and depressed, confused mostly...I've always thought I was the problem maybe coz Im italian and I can't understand what american guys are like but really I can't move on with my life..I've become cynical and bitter and what's even worse is that I can't talk about it to anyone coz nobody would understand...
this is my story....I know kinda complicated...sorry I bored you to death...now I feel better!
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May 12, 2012