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Hey so I figured id post this and see if theres anyone on here in my area. i met a girl on here thats like my bestfriend now so i figured maybe theres more and some of you are from jersey? well my boyfriend is deployed right now and its been rouugh so if anyone wants to talk  just message me :)

ps. if anyone has tips on care packages like anything youve learned from sending before like what to do an dwhat not to do or send please let me know im sending one out this week! thank you! :)
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I don't know too much about care packages yet myself but I am also from Jersey! :)

where at? im from Toms river!

I'm in central Jersey, near Trenton

oh okay thats not too far!

We're like neighbors! Lol :)

haha yes! where is your man stationed?

He is all the way in Japan! :/ He is one of the marines on the Tinian Island right now, I'm so proud! :) Yours?

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Just a warning If you send anything expensive (like electronics) don't list it on the customs form just amp up the prices on whatever else is in there if ur covering it with insurance. I'm in NC but if you wanna hang out next time ur here we should!

ah thanks for the tip girl im sending a camera! and okay yes Definitely! I'll be back down a lot once hes back and for the marine ball if hes back in time fingers crossed :)

Fingers crossed for you! :) hope this deployment goes by quickly

Oh and also if he likes cake the recipes for cake in a jar are awesome for care packages especially if his birthday comes while he's gone :)

Awh thanks girl! and yes im planning that his birthdays in july! his 21st... lol

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Sadly i'm in Cali lol but as far as care packages go they are a totaly blast to do! Always helped to bring my spirits up. I themed each one and decorated the crap out of them. Just make sure not to decoarte the outside to much, although write his initials on the box. There was a couple times the mail people told my husband he didn't have a package then he saw his initials and was like, can you check that box? It was his lol put it on all four sides. But besides that, I never did anything on the outside. Look for weird holidays in the month and theme it to that. I always did one big care package every month. I did Christmas, New years, V-day, St pats, Easter, then my husband asked me not to send anymore cause he wasn't going to be able to get them for May and then his cut off day to send boxes arrived. Yay Lol I sent baked goods also, cookies I sent in really cute decoarted zip lock bags I find out a craft store. When you send cookies or brownies or whatever put a piece of bread in there to keep them soft and fresh. I don't know what it does exactly, but it works. Lol Every package I sent a card then a hand written letter inside the card. I found it easier to get the little paper thing (I forget what it's called but it lists everything in the box) before I do the box and fill it out as I went. The first time the post office made me stand off to the side and fill it out... My post office was kind of intense about it and made me list every item and how much of the item. I sent hsi favorite candy to give him a little taste of home also. Then of course anything they need, which I just asked Ty what he needed or thought he might need before I sent the boxes. If I think of anything else I'll let you know :)

Thank you! yes I have a list of what he needs and My dad ordered him a bunch of stuff off cabelas too. I know he told me with drink bubble wrap them and put them in a ziplock incase they open and leak but this gave me a good idea thank you :)