Brother In Law Problems!!

So my boyfriend is popping the question in July...but there's only one problem his older brother whose also a marine is NOT gonna be happy once he finds out. He told Corbin if he ever pops the question and we decide to get married he's gonna kick both of our *****
And Corbin told him I can't let you touch her...he didn't like that comment to much. He's against our relationship and commitment soooooo much that he's acting childish about this...and he's got Corbin scared to even tell him...and everyones telling him that he should tell his brother sooner rather than later. He says he's just waiting for the right time to tell him but I know he's dreading telling him cuz he knows his brother is going to over react. What should he do?? Please any advise would be greatly appreciated!!
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Thankyou yalls advise have been soooooo helpful:)

You know when my brother and Sam got together i couldn't stand her i was convinced she'd hurt him Jas and i are really close we more friends than brother and sister he's helped me through so much in my life then Sam came along and i could tell she was trouble lol! Sam however is amazing she forced us to spend time together whether i liked or not Jas also forced us to spend time together by telling me to take one for the team lol he's a dork. When Jas went through boot camp I helped Sam through it and today they married and have twins and are the happiest couple i seen in a long time!! my point is as Jas's little sister i'd seen him get hurt and i never wanted it to happen but spending time with Sam and going through what we all went through brought us all closer together she'll be my maid of honer at my wedding not for any other reason other than we friends she's the sister I've never had and i dont want anyone else other than her up there for us she's supported me through so much that she really has become my big sister - give it time your boyfriend needs to tell him and if doesn't like it he can lump it as for you try spending more time with him let him get to know you better and you both need to take a stronger stand to him really Jas i didn't like something Jas would give me a lecture from hell its not fun but it really does work - good luck!!

From what I've heard he's not against me he's against the while commitment marriage thing but I think he's also against me because I was also told some of the names he had called me and they aren't very pleasant names.

mmmm so he against your relationship, the potential marriage or you? Not trying to sound rude at all im just trying to get some more background history because thats sort of silly, it really isnt any of his business..

I agree with Britt, my best friend was that older brother lol he had been in for 3 years when his younger brother joined the corps as well and it scared him when he found out Jake was getting married right after mct just because of the stress that comes with a military relationship but they talked and he supported their decision in the end. Good luck girl!