Wondering Where He Is

He flew out Saturday and I haven't heard from him since. :( I don't think I will for a while, he said he won't even get there until maybe Wednesday. I am being very calm and patient and I haven't cried since Saturday! :) GO ME! I'm staying busy and looking forward to our first phone call. I felt SO weak before he left but I woke up feeling determined! I am going to support him and get through this without losing my mind. I already started buying stuff and making stuff for his first care package I am going to send as soon as I get an address. My love for him has quadrupled and I feel so much respect and admiration for him. I watched homecomings on youtube and I'm just looking forward to our moment! :) I want to lose weight, take a class, better myself and just support him in any way he needs. I've never been so sure of anything as I am for my love and devotion to him!

Stay strong ladies going through Deployments, Bootcamp, Predeployments or just distance apart... Eventually it'll get better!

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2 Responses May 14, 2012

Yes you can do it and from what ok read, well you are doing really good. Its hard but just stay strong and positive and keep doing what your doing. Eventually he will call you, when you least expect it. Support him throughy this time and pray for him. Prayers and patients will keep you going. Stay strong we can do this!

Yes eventually it does get better.... it is tough stuff. My man has been deployed for 2 months now and its much easier but i do still have break downs from time to time but i am much stronger now... I love putting care packages together and love that he's excited when he receives them. :-) just keep strong girl it'll go by faster than you know... I go to school I work and I've also lost 26lbs so far... woop woop!! Gotta look good for our men when they get back haha<br />
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