Missing Him

I'm missing Alex terribly today. :( He's still in MCT and I didn't get to hear from him at all this week. He's supposed to have liberty all day Sunday so I'm crossing my fingers for a phone call! Ahh I'm trying to stay patient and keep it together but it's really hard today. Two more weeks til he graduates!
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3 Responses May 14, 2012

its very hard and most of the time i just wanna scream my lungs out but i do my best to stay strong. all i can do is stay strong and keep praying for him. deployments are very hard to deal with specially because its my first one but i have faith. sometimes they just loose signal or are out on missions. i dont know what is going on but im doing the best i can.

Oh I see. That must be really hard to lose contact for that long! I admire you for staying strong that long! Thanks for the encouragement and it's good to know that it could be a lot worse.

My bf has a week left (: He might be in the field! Last week he didn't have liberty the one Sunday cause of that. But they all got an hour phone call supposedly cause a guy got caught texting or something. But a girl that has a husband in the same company as mine said she knew about it and it was planned lol. It was really late at night I received the phone call though. Is he at CP? His liberty could have been taken away also. But if it's at CP, I'm guessing it was cause of him being in the field then. 2 more weeks! You can do this (: If he's at CP, he should be getting liberty Saturday and Sunday, unless it gets taken away lol.

Yeah, he's at CP. I knew I wouldn't get to talk to him for two weeks because he warned me that he wouldn't get liberty last Sunday because they were in the field. But you got a phone call?? I didn't. :( He's supposed to get liberty this Sunday and then both Saturday and Sunday the following weekend, so he better not get in trouble. Haha

Oh ok. I wasn't expecting a phone call cause I knew they were in the field, but a guy messed up and everyone got a phone call for an hour lol. That guy was in BIGGG trouble though haha. Something probably happened. The ssgt's mess up sometimes. That's what one of the Sunday's. Well hopefully he gets liberty this weekend (: Just remember only 2 weeks left for you!! (: Either way he'll explain what happened when he talks to you.

Girl you can do it, its been more than a month since ive heard from mine. Just stay strong and thank God its not a deployment thats very nerve-racking.

You've gone over month without hearing from your man?? I can't even imagine that. Is that a common thing?