Scared For What's To Come

HI, i've never blogged before so this is all new to me.  My boyfriend is graduating this year and is headed off for bootcamp June 11th.  We've been together since the summer before my freshman year and before that he was my best friend and worked for my dad around the yard doing handy work.  I love him so much and we will have been together 21 months two days from now.  Im sad our time together is running out.  Im so scared to be away from him and it mainly scares me because I'm afraid he's going to forget about me.  Maybe not forget about me but find something or someone better wherever he gets stationed.  I hope it gets easier.  I guess i mainly joined this group to get support I don't get from my family.  I dont know what to think sometimes no one thinks I can last without him.  It drives me crazy and all i want is for someone to tell me that I can do it... 
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3 Responses May 14, 2012

Hi...I joined for the same reason trying to find support is hard,Friends and family really dont understand...But be positive!! I wont lie,its Hard and your gonna have your days where you want and will cry your eyes out..I promise you can do it tho..You should be Proud of what he's doing..I PROMISe he's gonna think about you ALL the time...Just be faithful and ALWAYS stay strong for him..He needs to know your okay and not have to stress about you onto of everything else in training...Im here anytime and would love to give you support so feel free to message me anytime :)<br />

Look I joined for the same reason, no one knew what to tell me and I figured I would get the best advice from brave girls that go through the same thing. Its something very hard and I dont wish this to happen to any one but it does. if you love him and he loves you then there shoudnt be a problem for him leaving you for someone else. he is always going to be busy in training and all he is going to have in mind is training and you. he will contact you to let you know that his ok. maybe he feels afraid that you might leave him for someone else but thats why you show him what true faithful girl you are and he wont have to worry. you might have some fights here and there but dont let the disntance mess you up. good luck i wish you the best, if you need to talk you can always message me

You can do it girl just be strong!! Best advice is keep busy new hobbies take up some classes school work etc... before you know it you'll be on your way to his graduation. And don't put negative thoughts in your head. Always think positive!! Ain't gonna lie at the beginning it'll be real tough maybe even cry... but you'll learn how to cope and continue to go through your day... you can do it so keep strong girl!!<br />
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