Phone Call!

I answered and the man assumed I would know who it was but I didn't recognize his voice at all. He told me he was Kyle, my fiance and once I realized his voice was hoarse from screaming I instantly started crying because it was. He's squad leader and said he earned a phone call because they did good at drill or something. I don't think I even said much because I was so happy to hear from him. He told me to send him this certain cologne. I'm still in shock though. I feel bad forhis mom though because he called her first for mothers day but she said she looked at her phone but didn't answer it because she didnt recognize the number. Still in shock.
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3 Responses May 14, 2012

Haha thank you both for your comments. I think his mom will be answering the phone everytime it rings and keeping It by her side at all times now just in case. And you better believe that when he gets home he will be on a strict voice rest and drinking lots of soothing tea to try to help him being able to talk for the wedding!

She will learn that when he's gone you always answer the numbers you don't recognize...and you have the right to be annoyed because it's someone trying to sell you something at that point too cuz it's not your man (or son in her case). I'm so happy you got your shock moment!! Your probably all sorts of confused when it comes to emotions but yay!!!! that's a good thing!

That's so awesome! Glad you got to hear from him. :) My man lost his voice too, within the first two weeks of boot camp and still hasn't fully gotten it back and he's half way through MCT now...haha so don't expect to hear your man's real voice anytime soon. Their poor voices!