New To All Of This

First off Hello :)

Im new to the site as well as being a Marine Girlfriend..Over the last few months i have realized its not for everyone..My friends dont really get it so i joined this site hoping to find girls that were going thru the same things,start friendships....If any of you would want to chat i would be MORE than happy to chat..Keep eachother lifted up and keeping eachother strong..Even tho Jimmy isnt deployed he is forever away and i have my days...
-Haley <3
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Hii there!(: I'm new to this whole thing too. I get what you mean when you say none of your friends really understand. if you ever wanna chat just message me. im here to talk or even just listen(:! it always helps to talk to people you understand what your going thru.

Hey.. :) Thanks :) And the same if you ever need anyone im here :)

Hey hayley ! Welcome to the site ! I'm pretty new here and to this too but I tottally get what you mean! If you ever feel like wanting to talk , feel free to meassage me !

Thanks :) It wont let me add you or message you...Some people it will and some people it wont..Maybe you know how...But id love to chat sometime and trade stories :)

Hey girl!! Pretty much just keep busy!! Take up new hobbies classes etc... yes I hate that other don't understand what we go through... but some of my friends are nice about it and ask how its going.... I really hate the ones who try to compare they're relationships to ours. My boyfriend is currently deployed and its tough stuff!! And yea your right... we girls do need to stick together!!

Thank you SO much for the kind words.I dont know how it is to have him deployed yet and honestly i dont want think about that until i have to..I pray you continue to stay strong and for a safe return home...Best of luck to you guys.

Aww... thank you that's so sweet of you... hope you can hear and see your man soon...
Semper fi

Hi Haley. :) I too recently joined this site in hopes of getting some additional support and advice from fellow marine girlfriends. I'm also new with all of this marine stuff and my man is still in MCT for two more weeks. Is yours still in training somewhere? I'd love to hear your story so feel free to message me!<br />
<br />

Hey girly...Im still learning how to use this silly site..It wont let me privet message you or add you (Maybe you know how that works) Its nice to meet you...Finding support is hard when your friends dont really understand..Jimmy,has been thru all the training and right now is at Camp Lejeune..Being over 28 hrs apart is hard but its not as bad as being deployed..I would love to chat with you more.. (Us Marine Girlfriends have to stick together)

Hmm it won't let you add me? Not sure why. It won't let me add you either. Maybe try changing privacy settings?

Still nothing..I'll have to keep playing with it.

Ok I think I fixed it on my end! Try to add me again :)

This is what keeps coming up when i try to go to your page and add you.....'This user's general privacy restrictions prevent you from viewing their profile (code 900).'

My boyfriend is away at MCT for about two more weeks counting down the days but they seem to be going slower and slower as i see the light at the end of the

Lol..I know what you mean..Just stay busy busy busy..My boyfriend will be home for the 4th of july and the days are going by pretty slow for myself..If you ever wanna chat im here :)

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