Proper Address To Send A Letter ?

Hey !
I was wondering how to address a letter so it would reach my marine-to-be on the bootcamp ?
I found somewhere it should look something like that :

Recruit John E. Doe
1st BN, Alpha Co. PLT _ _ _ _
36001 Midway Ave
San Diego, CA 92140-(plus platoon #) [as an example ]

So If I would only address it with :" Recruit Surname, Name" , it wouldn't get to him after all ? I need the Platoon number right ?
And if a letter can't reach him, can I send him a telegram ? Or can't either ?

I'm sorry for bothering but you girls might know and I couldn't find any answer online . On wednsday I would love to give him a great message (which I hope it will ) that's why I'm asking !

Thanks for help. !
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Even if you can't contact his recruiter any recruiter in his office should be able to access his address.<br />
<br />
My recruit is at Parris Island so I'm not sure if they do it differently in San Deigo but the way I have to address it is:<br />
<br />
Recruit last name, first name middle inital (last 4 digits of his ssn)<br />
Platoon *insert platoon number*, company *insert company letter*, what battalion he is in<br />
Po box *insert po box number*<br />
Parris Island, SC area code<br />
<br />
I put astrericks for where to insert things because the last 4 digits of the ssn are in parenthesies.<br />
<br />
Hope this helps!

Hey girl, you could try and get in contact with his recruiter and find out. If that's not an option then you kinda just have to wait for his first letter to come. I know it sucks waiting that long especially if he's still in phase one because they usually don't let them write home for a couple weeks. You need to have all of the correct information on the address though because the camps are huge and your letters will get lost or returned without it. :( Just try to stay patient and your man will write you when he can! Receiving that first letter will be the most exciting thing ever. Stay strong girl!

Thanks ! The problem is I actually can't even contact his recruiter either. Kind of complicated story but thanks anyways ♥ !
The moment I'll get the letter ( If I get it ) I'll reply as soon as possible !

As far as I know he shall be now in his 2nd phase~

Oh awesome, if he's in phase two you should be getting a letter from him any day then. :)

So I hope. Hence the intercontinental delay :P .