Being With A Marine

I have dated a United States Marine. They are arrogont at times. They drive you crazy! But they are the best men I have ever been around. I am still in love with a United States Marine. He is away for long periods of time. I don't know how to cope with being away from him. I have tried to move on, it never works. Once you love the, you will love them always. The time has come, to see if we will make or break. I believe we will make it. He says he only wants me. I am young, but when love comes, age never matters. I hope we will decide to be together again, when the time comes and hopefully soon <3
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Alesha,<br />
I get that completely, being scared out of your wits not knowing what is to come. The marine i have dated may be stationed in Japan eventually once he goes to his unit. It is scary to even think that maybe they may be gone for a while, but the thing is that if you love him. Stay with him. It will be worth it. I made a mistake, do not make the mistake I did.

My marine was arrogant before he was a marine, now its worse. He makes me laugh and i could never love some one like him, hes deployment coming up scares the crap out of me because i wont be with him before he leave and its his first deployment, i dont even know what im supposed to do without knowing hes safeon a ba<x>se. I just hope when hes home from deployment he marrys me so we never have to go through goodbye alone again