I Heard From Him! :)

So my marine and his unit left their base to go on a mission for a month about a week ago. Before he left he told me that once he got where he was that he would not have any cell or internet service so he would not have any ability to talk to me for the next month. Today I was very sick and stayed at home watching movies and just felt myself getting sadder and sadder. I had been doing very well, busy with school, rehearsals, my performance, and just being very busy and staying positive. But today I let myself have a mope day which is good to let things out but I just felt so sad and missed him so much. Then at 11:00 I was getting into bed when I received a text from him!! I was so happy that I could't stop smiling and even teared up a bit! :) He told me that he would not be able to talk a lot or for very long but any chance he got he would :) he also told me how much he was missing me and was just his adorable unbelievably sweet self! I was just so happy! :) So I just wanted to share my good news with you ladies and hope you all had a good day! And if you didn't then know that a good one is just around the corner! Stay strong <3
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4 Responses May 15, 2012

Awwh, Stay strong darliin. (:

thanks! :) :)

Aw yay that's awesome congrats!!

Thanks! :) Hope you had a good day too!

Keep smiling!!!! haha. <br />
I had a good day. Dealing with my boyfriend getting ready to leave for Parris Island...ugh lol :)

Yay for good day! :) Aweee that's no fun but I'm sure you are very proud of him and you will have all of us here for support! :)

Thank you for sharing this. It really made me smile. Stay strong! <3 <3

Awe I am glad it made you smile it definitely made me smile! haha :) Hope you had a good day :)