How To Be Strong?

I just want to know how everyone else here has handled the stress? I love him.. I know he is doing something really great and I could not be more proud. I need advice on how to get through the times without to be strong..I know it is something I just have to do, but having someone to talk it out with would help bunches :)
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I also agree do stuff that interest you keep as busy as you can and just take one day at a time I try really hard to look for the possitive stuff in every negative thought if you feeling down be down but tomorrow is a new day and you try again!! We also here for you so good luck and use us!!

I completely agree with the girl above. Keep busy and surround yourself with positive people. Something that has helped me whenever I start missing him a lot is to sit down and write him a letter about things that I would normally tell him if he was here. It's not the same as talking to him obviously, because it's basically a one way conversation, but it still helps some to get it all out. It helps to actually talk about it too. I know friends start to get sick of hearing about it because they don't fully understand what we're going through..but that's where this site helps. :) Us marine girls have to stick together. :) Feel free to message me, I'd love to hear your story!

My advice for you is keep busy!! Take up new hobbies classes school work. Hang with friends and family... and really just talking with other girls who know what we're going through really helps.... my Marine is currently deployed and it sucks but I am also proud him and for what he does.... I also like to put together care packages... it makes me feel like I'm able to do something for him... I work full time and go to school full time and it requires a bunch of studying so I'm really busy and try to make time for girl time... my friends don't know what its like that we go through... but its thoughtful that they at least ask how he's doing... so keep strong girl!! You can do it!! If you have any questions feel free to write me!! :-)

ThAnk you guys so much. I really needed that. I am studying health sciences-surgical technology so I will be busy with studying. I will do my best to not get sad or think about him not being there.
Today he told me that he trusts me..but he doesn't trust I will stay with him. He told me he was scared. He is afriad of me leaving because I may break down. I convinced him that I am staying and made him feel better. I feel like I will break down..but I know I can't think like that lol

Always reassure him that your there for him and that you love and care for him and also how proud you are of him for all he does... you not only have to be strong for yourself but you also must be strong for him... you can do it!! It'll go by quicker than you think... and as time goes by its get easier.... you learn how to cope better... and like one of the girls said when your feeling down write it down... I broke down and wrote everything down and how I felt.... and it made me feel so much better. I don't send it to him its just a way to help me vent because my friends and family don't understand what were going through.... but when i have a hard time.e I remember why I'm with him and why I'm waiting because it gets tough.... but its because I love him and he's worth it he treats me so well and great with communicating with me which really helps... and if so many of us can get through it so can you... you can do it!!
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