So Excited!!!

Friday I go to sign our lease for our on base house! I'm so beyond excited!!! Not only does that mean the deployment is alllllmooooossssttt done I mean really close! but our house is in the housing section where I already know two of my neighbors! :D Could it have happened any more perfect? I don't think so! I can't wait to find out where exactly our house is! and I can almost count the rest of the deployment on my hands and toes GAHHH I think this is the first time the entire deployment where I've been nothing but happy and excited! This is a good feeling, hopefully it lasts until the end! :D
Jordan29Palms Jordan29Palms
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6 Responses May 16, 2012

Congratulations!! :) I'm so excited for you for him to come!! He will be back before you know it! Good luck with the move! :)

awh yay im so excited for you congrats you deserve this! <3

That's so great!!! I'm glad that everything is working out for you!! You've almost kicked deployment's ***, congrats!!!! Enjoy every minute of homecoming :)

Hahaha ohhh I will! :D

Congrats jordan!!!!!!!! Your almost done :) im really happy for you girl!

Thank you girl! :)

YAY! I can't wait till i'm in your shoes LOL!!! :D You'll have to upload pics and stuff from his homecoming. I watch those on youtube all day to help motivate me -- My man's homecoming is far off but one can hope ;)

HAHA I will! :) I hope I can get pictures of our homecoming! I constantly watch those homecoming videos--not recently actually but a lot last month. Haha It's ok girl, before you know it his homecoming will be here! I still can't believe we are almost done with an entire deployment! Gahhhh!

Aw YAY congrats i'm really happy for you!!

Thank youuu :)