SO i found out today that instead of taking a trip to california in august and getting the marriage liscence then and marrying at the courthouse there, we are going to do it when he comes home in July! which means that i will be moving out to california way sooner than expected! I am soo happy! :) 52 days until he is home 60 days until we get married :). and then on top of it the planning for the legit ceremony and reception next july is coming together :) AAHHHH

I am so nervous to move! i will know no one except ryan. and i am wishing i could find people i could meet!!! grrr. i hate meeting new people. lol
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Ill be at camp pendleton on June 24th with my Marine, (: Our weddings june 21st!!!!!!! Best wishes to you dear!

congrats! and best wishes to you as well :)

Yeah.. You really don't want that homecoming postponed.. so careful on violating... But congrats :]

awww yay!!! That's all so exciting :)

take down the countdown for when he's comming home. just in cases, ya know?<br />
But totally excited for you! CA is awesome! i really miss it

Aw yay congrats i'm really happy for you!!

Awww I'm so excited for you! You're getting married so soon! <br />
Which ba<x>se are you going to be moving to? Don't worry, you'll find friends :)

thanks. and camp pendleton