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Ok so I know it's my age and now is the time that people start to settle down but it's starting to make my head spin that every time I turn around another one of my friends is engaged.....for the record I'm up to three weddings this year. Two I'm gonna be in and one I was just told they needed an address cuz they want me to come. All of which by the way Jim won't be able to go with too thanks to training...but hey such is the Marine life. Actually I'm kind of ok with Jim not being at two of the weddings.I would love if he could get off but I also know that the two I'm going to be in I will be busy helping the bride getting ready and doing 10 million other things cuz that's part of the job, and I'm excited about that but I don't want him to feel ignored either since he really doesn't know anyone that will be at them.

Also random thing that keeps making me laugh. The XO at the office Jim is at right now keeps telling him how much easier his life would be if we were married. He told Jim he wouldn't have to take me dancing or worry if we had dinner plans and apparently life would be easier at his next training if we were married. I love when the men he works with every day push the subject and I just chuckle a little inside that I can just sit back and let someone else get in Jim's head about it ha! What makes me laugh is that I will make Jim take me dancing till the day I die and if he thinks otherwise he should really figure that one out now. Although when our dancing night out totally failed a couple weeks ago we pulled over in a parking lot he turned up the volume in the car and pulled me out and we danced in an empty parking lot together (sounds funny and is even funnier when I tell you the only CD he had in the car was a techno one so we were totally ridiculous). Only reason we stopped was one of his friends pulled up and was like umm are you two ok? I saw you on my way to get food and thought you were broken down or something....very entertaining!

But anyways back to the Xo talking about marriage so I tell Jim today that my friend Phil just got engaged and is getting married in the winter and he goes oh the XO told me we should just hit up the court house this weekend because tbs will be easier if we are married and then proceeded to give me a list of reasons why. Ha I've decided I'll just ask questions later cuz I know he's busy moving stuff from one building to another but I'm getting a chuckle outta this.
Ha ok I'm done rambling on about the randomness of life now. Hope you all have a good day
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lol. we made it halfway through IOC. And then say eff it and had a teeeeny tiny wedding. And truthfully? I never want a big one! <br />
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And good, I'm very glad you'll always make him take you dancing :)

wow i cannot agree more, i know alot of my friends that are having babies, engaged or just gettin married or recently married. I undertsand the pressure you feel. Although i am still only going to be 21 in december it still sucks. But ive sort of wanted now to keep those dreams on hold :P<br />
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i think its better that his xo says it more than you hahaha and im glad because you literally dont have to do any of the work. And sometimes when you say the same thing over and over he might learn to block it out lmao i duno about jim but i swear eric does that when its something he doesnt want to do. haha omg im getting kind of excited for you, i hope you guys get married soon not that its like super super important being together should be the main thing. So this is totally lacking any good advice or support hahaha :$ i just re-read and im like uhhh its just more of a commentary i guess

I love your commentary its defiantly making me giggle and since I'm kinda grumpy it's a good thing lol

aw it happened to me as well AJ and I were constantly talking about getting married we even had a plan on when would be better so i had no clue when it happened i wanted it to happen so badly and that stupid plan made no sense and especially when he told me before he deployed that he thought we should shake things up a bit - it'll happen just be patient!! also i just wanted to say that in the last year i've been to 7 weddings and in 6 of those weddings i was bridesmaid it's insane everyone around me is also getting married and i'm yup still just engaged - he'll surprise you personally i think it's better that way

Ha glad I'm not alone in this being surrounded by it thing then.