Finals Week And Moving

It is finals week at my school this week. It makes me miss Brandon even more because he was always next to me while I was studying pushing me to make sure I knew the stuff. He always wanted to make sure I did well. So far I am finishing the semester out strong. I don't know about 2 of my classes though. Lucky starting next week I have summer class so I'll still be kinda busy for the three weeks of class. I just got a job as a bartender/waitress at a brewery in Brandon's home town. I know he will be glad I finally have a job again. I miss him so much and can't believe he has almost been gone for a month already. I can't wait to see him again. I miss him so much. Especially this week with finals and me moving. I am moving my stuff to his family's house since I have to be out of the house I am in now before the lease for my new house starts. I was lucky to find the house, if I wouldn't have found it I was gunna see if I could move in with Brandon's parents. His mom had mentioned after I got my job that I could have move in with them. I have been spending alot of time there lately. I love his family so much and I am glad that they are there for me.
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2 Responses May 17, 2012

Holding thumbs for you i hope you do really well!! Good luck moving as well and YAY for the job you'll see times going to fly now because you'll get busier!!

It's a great thing when you can have that relationship with the other persons family, I hope all goes well with your new job! Congrats!