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hey girls,

im so glad i found this site, its nice to know that there are others out there who are dealing with the same things i am. im still pretty new at this and i was just asking my marine lastnight how many guys he knew who were in the same situation as us (long distance relationships) i was suprised when he said that a lot of them. i always figured those boys dated girls close to their base or married one from back home and she went with him.

i met my marine the very first day of highschool in french class, he was this junior that i was crazy about but never really made the jump to date because i was pretty shy. We became good friends and he was someone i could trust. When he was graduating he told me that he was joining the marines, i was worried about him but i understood why he was going. We lost touch for a while when he was in boot camp and during that time i realized that him being gone bugged me a lot more then it should of and i wrote him a long email about it. We talked every once in a while when he was in NC because it was hard for him to get to a computer. Then when he got moved to Texas we started talking all the time. He got a cell phone and i began looking forward to ending every day with a phone call from him. He finally came home may 9th and i got to see him for the first time in 7 months and see if everything we talked about all those nights was the real thing. turns out it was. ive never felt this comfortable and amazingly happy with a person before in every way. the corp moved him over to cali now and the last 7 days since ive been able to kiss him have been harder than i imagined they'd be. i mean hes all i can think about. but its worth it, being far from him makes every time i hear from him that much more special, and best of all..he loves me and i love him too. even though noone seems to understand why id choose the guy whos far away, i wouldnt want anyone else.

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May 26, 2008