lately ive been so happy, nothing seems to be able to bring me down. it helps to always think positive about it all. everytime i start feeling down i think about how proud i am to be with a Marine, how distance is only temporary... how much i love him and how it feels to be in his arms when hes here. what really makes my day is sometimes ill get random calls from him saying "babe i just wanted to tell you i love you, & have a good day (:" little things like that mean the most to me. really to be honest in the beginning it was hard to be away and i cried alot. its gotten easier and lately ive been so happy! (: he always tells me to remember he'll always come back to me. ive been listening to Superman by taylor swift a lot. im always dancing around while i clean the house lol. well i just wanted to share my happiness sorry if it seems like im rambling!
Morgii Morgii
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4 Responses May 17, 2012

This is awesome! Thank you for posting and stay positive!! :)

Aw this is awesome keep it up

This made me smile! Good to hear you're feeling on top of the world! :)

yay! i'm so happy for you :) i think that positive thinking is something we all need to make an effort with