It's been sometime since my last post on here so I'll fill everyone in on everything. Last time I wrote I tho k I still wasn't on speaking terms with his mother, well I think she's grown up a little or atleast bitting her tongue for now! Which is great because I have enough on my plate as it is! The wedding plans are conning right along! It's no longer in Tennessee because of sky rocketing gas prices and the cord actor didn't even book the date or anything!!! So it's here back in our little home town, which is exactly what we wanted after all and just didn't know it! Robert and I have come a long way, and I wouldn't do any of this for anyone else they just simply aren't worth it! But my mom and I were scrabbling to find a cordnator and within 5 seconds of posting it on Facebook my aunt in Florida called and was like uhm hello that is what I do for a living!!!!! So shes doing the decorating, the food, the flowers, and the cake!!!! I'm so so relieved to have her! And my mom too, she's making this all possible! Robert and I were a little rocky there for about a few weeks due to stress of it all and I finally convinced him into things that's going to save us money! Because I still have to move out there to him after the wedding! With all my things! And ladies, don't lie we all have way too many shoes to do it all in one move! But he also has agreed that the best idea is to live ON base! Which when I heard the words come out of his mouth I cried because he was sooooooo against it, it was like a never ending battle with him! Because that's not what he wanted! But uhm HELLO!!!!! Come on! But there are a lot of questions I have that go along wih that, but that's another post! There's only 56 days until he comes home & 58 days until the wedding I'm so excited!
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Congratulations!! Sounds like you're very busy but having fun! :) Hahaha oh the shoes . . .

YAY i'm glad things are now falling into place and yes definately shoes are a huge problem for me as well lol good luck with that!!!

YAY! so happy things are coming together for you :)

Thank you so much!!!