It's Been Awhile

I haven't posted on here in awhile. I have so much going on in my life right now. Its crazy. Well in my last post I found out I was pregnant.:) I'm now 14 weeks pregnant everything is going great right now. No complications and the doctor said we are having a very healthy baby so far. My husband and I are finally moving on base. We wanted to live in town, but its just better for us right now to live on base. Our marriage has been better than ever. Our one year anniversary is in two weeks. This last year has been crazy, but the most amazing things have happened for us.
It feels so strange thinking that this time last year I was flying out to Pensacola Florida to marry this boy I had been in love with since we were 14. That boy grew into quite the man and he makes me so proud every day.
He's so excited to be a daddy. Every time we are out and about he wants to go price baby stuff. Its cute watching him push around strollers making sure they are good enough. Or the in depth conversations he goes into with the sales people about the sturdiest cribs they have. He wants a little boy so bad to take fishing and hunting. But I know if we have a little girl he's going to be wrapped around her finger the second he lays eyes on her.
Life is such an adventure and I couldn't pick anyone better than my Anthony to spend it with. We have become so close in this last year. Closer than I could ever imagine. I thought I was in love with the day I married him. The feelings I have for him now put that love to shame. Lol I didn't think it was possible to love someone this much.
So a year ago we were setting out on the adventure of marriage. This year we are setting out on the adventure of parenthood.:)
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Omg I just LOVE this!! :) :) It made me soo happy! Congratulations on your baby and anniversary! Thanks for posting! :)

YAY!! Congratulations on the baby!!!! I'm so happy for you and Anthony!!

I'm glad things are going well:) we are moving to Midway Park hopefully next month! Where on ba<x>se are you guys going?

We are moving on to tt2 :)

I'm SO happy for you thats awesome news and congrats!!

Ohhh this was so sweet....congratulations and I am so happy that life is going well for you! Good luck with everything! :)

love this! congratulations that is so exciting, this story brought a big smile to my face, hope everything continues like this for you and you family :)