Hey everyone I hope you guys are having a fantastic friday!!! I have a question to those who live on base, we have made the decision that living in the city is just not practical at this point and only having one car at them moment it'd just be a better situation. And plus those houses/apartments are nicer than anything we'd be able to afford in the city anyways! So my questions are, Do you like it on base? Is it a long processes to get a place there on base, we are getting married July 14. So he'll go back turn in all his paper work and everything. Is the application a long ordeal? OUr hope is for me to be out there by August, Is that realistic? How do you decide which area you live in, or do they just asign it to you? So many questions! All the help is greatly appreciated!!
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We will be on a Navy ba<x>se as well, so hopefully it wont be that long of a wait! I will make sure when he gets back to IMMEDIATELY turn in all the paper work to get the whole processes going! Thanks for your help ladies!

We are getting ready to move on ba<x>se in June or July..the wait for the houses we want are 1-3 months..they are building brand new houses on ba<x>se though which everyone wants they are a 7-9 month wait..not saying the other housings arent nice but the ones that have a longer wait are super nice..we are down at lejeune where are you guys going? i don't think the process is very long just filling out paperwork and once you guys get a house then you get the keys and fill out more paperwork! yes definitely get in contact with the housing office they will give you all the info you need to know!

The length of time you have to wait just depends on how crowded the ba<x>se is. My Marine and I got ba<x>sed at a Naval ba<x>se, luckily for us, it is pretty small. We were able to secure a house pretty much right away. If you're going to Pendleton, then i heard it's about a 2 year wait. The wait time fluxuates(?) throughout the year obviously, so the times can change. The application process is relatively simple. Just make sure you guys get on that waitlist asap, like right after you guys get the marriage certificate. Living on ba<x>se is pretty good. I feel a bit more safe and secure when i have to be by myself (field work and all) knowing that i'm surrounded by servicemen. The peopple on ba<x>se are generally nice (of course there will always be those select few -__- ) What we did to get info was actually email/contact the housing office. They will try their best to help you guys out. They will know the status of the housing times and whatnot.

Where are you guys stationed at?

Naval Base Kitsap Bangor, WA. you?