So Over It....!!!!

I love my Marine so so much!!! But ugh... it just feels like his deployment is taking so long!!! I just want him to be home already!! I feel like I'm breaking down... I can only keep busy so much sometimes.... I loo k around my room and see his pictures and just miss him or wear his jacket or shirt... I'm so over this waiting part already....!!! Lol I know he's out there protecting me and everyone else but i just feel likes its my punishment to be so sad and lonely.... I know I can continue waiting and he's definitely worth it!! But i guess I just need some words of encouragement.... I'm at a very slum part I guess.... and the skills test and midterm this weekend is really stressing me out too because its pass of fail and I'm freaking out!! I need help.... :-( I would feel better if he were just here.... help me...

The military should share.... I waited patiently.... its my turn!!!
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I totally get what you saying seriously i was over this deployment like a month ago and NOTHING would convince me otherwise I loosing my patience at a rapid rate and ready to murder - really I've had it up to here but donut staking seems to be paying off and as weird as this is going to sound its SO FRIGGING AWESOME knowing AJ is just as over this as what I am it's nice knowing i'm not the only one loosing it right now - i have to say it and you can shoot me later but hang in there you can do this you have been and it's not long you've got this you've had it this long it's smooth sailing from here on out - its not going to fly by because the days are going to frigging drag but you can do it!! Good luck i really have no idea if this helped lol!

Lol you made me laugh!! Haha but yea o totally know how you feel!! I just want to go over there and bring him back!! I just feel like I did my waiting and I feel like its been long enough.... lol the military needs to share... heck I'm paying them with my tax money!! Haha

lol yup it's exactly how i feel

i feel yah girl!! i use to have those days all the time sometimes weeks where i just wanted to go down there and take him away.<br />
whnever i told him that hed go how are you guna do that their guna stop you so itold him idc ill beat them all up hahaha.<br />
But seriously its okay to feel like that and just be over it, luckily my bf is literally on the plane right now going back to<br />
cali but i wont get to see him until summer time so im happy but im still anxious. sadly there is no cure to feeling like that<br />
but Id say just try and remind yourself of how much you love eachother and just think about how great his homecoming will be.<br />
If that doesnt work then maybe just yell at someone? LOL im just kidding but thats what usually happend to me with my sister.<br />
Hope you feel better :)

Lol thanks this helped.... glad to hear your man's coming back... that's awesome!! It sucks too cuz other girls know like the exact date when they're man is coming back and I have no idea!! He said anywhere from 5 months to a year.... but some days it just feels like forever!!! I'm down 2 1/2 months and so proud cuz its tough stuff. And proud of all the other ladies.... I'm happy we get to message each other almost everyday day but his internet sucks Skype. :-( so i just get pics.... but if this is so hard for us now I can't imagine how it was for the ladies back in the day when there was no internet.... crazy!!

Yea I'm a paramedic so we had pass/fail tests too. Just remember, they arent trying to fail you, just making sure that you know what your doing!<br />
And that sucks not knowing when he is coming back!! But it's getting closer either way! :)<br />
Oh and artistically, I can only draw stick figures. But I'm googling ideas that I can either get a friend to help me with or that i can manage on my own. And googlin ideas helps to pass the time too :)

I know! I have been going through the same funk lately. I have 82 days left so I just keep trying to get excited every 10 days! Lol. And I'm about to start a new project to make him when he gets home. Havent decided what to do just yet but maybe make him a blanket or something. I painted a picture for my last project! But just remember every day that passes is just another day closer to seeing him. :)<br />
What kind of skills test do you have?

Lucky... at least you know when your man is coming... I have no idea!! And yea i try thinking about the as a day passes I'm a day closer... but just doesn't seem any closer when there's months left... haha I'm just 2 1/2 months in... and who knows when he'll be back... And that's awesome!! You seem very artistic I wish I knew how to paint or make a blanket.... I'm lucky if I can draw a stick figure correctly lol and I'm a nursing student what we learn to practice on patients are called skills. And tomorrow we have a pass or fail test. We draw 3 random skills from a hat to perform in front of an instructor and if we we don't pass then we don't start clinical which is working with actual patients in convalescent homes.... I just hear they're real strict they didn't pass a girl for forgetting to wash her hands. Which is bad but geez.... just pretty nervous many things we've learned hopefully I do good....