I dont want you thinking im a girlfriend that likes to say Yes you can or No you cant do this or that,But my marine drinks...Alot..Its not during the week but when the weekend comes him and his buddies get trashed...I have alcoholics on both sides of my family..My dad was a big time alcoholic for pretty much my whole life..Thank the Lord he's been sober for 4 years but i dont want that in a boyfriend or a husband..The drinking with my boyfriend does start disagreements..A drink or two isnt bad,and i dont have a problem with that but when your getting trashed all weekend every weekend it kinda gets to me..Iv gotten to where i dont even talk to him at night on the weekend it saves us from fighting and if i do talk to him i have to bite my tongue so it doesnt start this big fight..How do some of you guys handle the drinking thing and am i wrong for not wanting him to drink all weekend every weekend?

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I'm like you, I don't do the "you can or can't do this" thing, but alcohol is a difficult subject for me. I don't really approve of the getting completely wasted every week end and my man does just that. I would say that while you don't want to tell him what to do it's important for him to know how you feel and that you care about his health, so talk to him about it! That's what I plan to do with my man so fingers crossed!

No my husband use to have this problem before and he still kind of does..and he comes from a line of alcoholics too..he has gotten better he use to drink all the time during the week, and he has cut that out..but lately on the weekends he has just gotten hammered with his friends..maybe its cause his unit he has been with just deployed or maybe its cause my daughter and I have not been home for the past 2 months idk! but I know where you are coming from its annoying and gets old after awhile..I have had many talks with him before and it seems to work for a little while then he picks up the drinking again..idk I guess i'm in the same boat as you..but maybe once I am back down there it will stop! good luck girl!

Thanks...We talked so we'll see if it helped any,hoping it did...Good luck to you too girly!!

I know how you feel and it's not wrong that you don't like him drinking every weekend. Sometimes girlfriends have to say no to things. My boyfriend smokes and that drives me crazy. Its so unhealthy and I don't like it at all. That starts fights. My advice is talk to him about it and make him realize how much it gets to you and he should cut back at least some. I hope this helps and everything works out :]

He smokes too so i know what you mean..I have to handle one thing at a time..But thank you for the tips..And Good Luck to you guys too! :)

I don't think your wrong for that at all.... I persoally don't like crazy drinkig either, when my husband (then boyfriennd) would drink all the time I just ignored him ad told him I like him going crazy annd wasting all the money on alcohol haha after a few talks about it he cut back big time! Now a days, he only drinks every now and then. So I think just an open talk about how it makes you feel especially since you grew up with acoholics it bothers you just don't make it into a fight. Like I said, now my husband drinks but limits himself now and when he gets really drunk he normally tells me he's planing on having a guys night and we will talk in the morning when he sobers up haha It's actually really nice cause I'm not annoyed when he goes all out anymore cause I know it's not an all the time thing. Patience and communications is key. :) Good luck

Thanks for the tips :)