So, I was getting ready for the day this morning when I got a text from someone. I automatically assumed it was from a friend since I wasn't supposed to hear from my marine until tomorrow...but sure enough, it was from him!! They gave him liberty all day today and possibly again tomorrow too. :) After going two weeks without hearing from him, it was seriously the best surprise ever to get to talk to him. :) I'm one happy girl today!!!
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4 Responses May 19, 2012

Aw YAY that's awesome i'm so happy for you!!

Thank you!! Alex graduates from MCT on tuesday, so no more going weeks without hearing from him! Yay!! For now anyway. :)

YAYAAY!! That is the best feeling. My Marine just got his work schedule he work 12 on 12 off so now I get to talk to him even more!!! so excited! Im glad your doing well :)

Ahh that's so exciting!! And thanks! Hearing from him this weekend was just what I needed. :) Now to get through this next week...Haha.

That's great!! So happy for you!! :-) those are the best!! I love the surprise phone calls. :-) wish I could Skype him... :-(

Thank you!! We got to talk again today too. :) There's seems something wrong with the fact that I feel lucky to talk to my man two days in a row. Haha. It's crazy how we take things for granted.

There should be nothing wrong with you feeling lucky to talk to him. You should be happy!! Especially through Skype. I just use voxer we just like text message and send pics... and about once a week I'll get a phone call from him. :-) but its better than nothing and I know he's ok... also sucks being on complete time differences lol

Yeah, I was very happy. :) That's good that you still get to talk to your man throughout the week! I have to get through this next week and then Alex and I will be able to talk more often. I'm lucky when it comes to time difference too, he's only 3 hours ahead! Being on opposite times would be hard.

Those are always the best texts too! I love the unexpected ones. :)

It was so great. We got to skype for two hours. :) I'm glad I didn't have plans today or I would have missed him!