Hello Ladies.

Hey ladies, I'm Lilah. Living in Jacksonville, NC. I decided to check out this group for support and maybe to connect with some people. My husband works comm in the MC, I work full time out in town. Life here is....different. lol.
What I really was looking for advice on was a good way to cope. He's currently away and our first child, a little girl, is due to arrive in this world in about a week and a half. I mean, my mom is coming up to be with me but...I really wish he would be here. And quite frankly, I'm over everyone telling me that it's the way the service works and all that. I already know how it works, I already know that it won't always be easy and there will be things he will inevitably miss....it doesn't mean that it's any easier for me to feel okay with it. Maybe it's the hormones...but it seriously bothers me. I feel very...alone. And I know people here but...it just won't feel right without him here. I don't know how to keep up a positive attitude right now...especially when everything irritates me.
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Hey I'm Storm and AJ is my fiance he's also currently deployed right now although i've never had a kid i get what you saying you just get to a point where being positive about anything is impossible somethings are just you and him it's meant to be about you both and it's frustrating because he got taken away at the most important time. Especially if it's your first child because its a really special moment. knowing he wants to be there doesn't help either he has to be there yes it maybe the hormones but it's still hard. I don't have any proper advise and all i can actually say is you stronger than you think you are he wants to be there just as much as you want him i know it doesn't help in anyway but you've got to try and go into it with the right attitude i know it's hard and its impossible for me to even begin to imagine so i'm holding thumbs and good luck!!

Hey Lilah..my names Elizabeth..I live down there also..have an almost 1 year old her bday is next week..if you would ever want to get together sometime let me know..I am out of town at the moment but will be back down next sunday! Life is very different down there and it took me sometime to get use to..my husband wasnt there for the birth either..it sucked I know how you are feeling right now..good luck with your labor, and I hope he will be able to come home soon! Like I said if you ever want to get together to talk or hang out let me know:)