So ladies, My marine's birthday is in two weeks and I want to put together a care package to send him. What have you ladies sent over? I'm going completely blank on what to send him! I was wanting to bake some of his favorite goodies, but I'm not sure how well they will hold up since it's getting shipped nearly 3000 miles...

Any advice will be very helpful! Thanks :)
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I was about to suggest a cake in a jar also. Haha cookies and brownies are always fun. Put them in some sort of Ziplock back with some bread to keep them soft, and when you put them in keep them a little warm ad don't make them a little hard or else by the time they get there it'll be like eating a rock! haha You could even cook them a little to soft that way if they harden up any they'll be perfect. :) I did tons of care packages and I always included his favorite candies and snacks. You might want to add a little extra also, they tend to share. My husband would share his all the time :) So I always added a bunch of everything. I can't send packages anymore cause it's past the time available to get to him, (yayyyy) and all his buddies always tell me they miss my care packages just as much as he does. Haha Just have fun with it! Wrap it on the inside like a present. I did that for my Christmas package which he loved, cut each piece of wrapping paper and just tape it all so the paper doesn't have to bend and get messed up. If you include a gift that has batteries look into the shipping laws, I heard just last week the USPS changed shipping laws and won't ship lithium batteries. I don't know alll the shipping laws now they change whenever so look into it before you ship. :) <br />
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Have fun and good luck!

That is so cute! Thanks for all the tips for baking, I would have had no idea! That's really exciting that it's past the time to send packages to your man! Counting down the days, I bet. :)

Fingers and toes have never been so exciting for me HAHA Good luck with the package if you need anymore tips don't hesitate to ask :)

Luckily he made it home from deployment for his birthday so I didn't have to put one together. You could make a little party in a box. You could include party favors and things like that and gifts if you want. Baked goods actually survive very well. I sent a lot of cookies to afghan and they were still good by the time they got there. Also if you want you can look up cake in a jar and can make that :) Hope that helps!

That's good to know that the cookies would hold up! Thanks for the ideas, cake in a jar sounds interesting. :)

cake in a jar is awesome!! we wrapped the jars in bubble wrap and sent a thing of icing along when i did it :)