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I would appreciate some advice or something... I see people just reading this and saying nothing..I did NOT mean to offend anyone...I am just concerned and I am allowed to be

So my boyfriend is already...well.. He does not understand a of things. He can be a real jerk at times.
He is going into marines and I am scared of the outcome. 
I am NOT bashing ANY marine. I love and appreciate all of them for their sacrifices.
When he gets out of bootcamp, I am terrified that he will be even MORE of a jerk....
He is already becoming somewhat arrogant and we fight more now because of it..all because of this mind set he has with marines,,
I love him, and I want this to work but I don't know if he will respect me when all is said and done
I know he will respect his superiors and I expect nothing less from him..but what about me?  Will he see me and treat me poorly?
I know no one can answer this...writing about it and getting some support on the topic would help though.. I am terrified of what will happen
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I just want to say this before hand, I'm just going to be honest, not trying to direct you in anyway. <br />
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The Corps will either bring out the best in the relationship or bring out the worst. Either way, his mind is made up to join the Corps. How he is going to react is more about who he is as a person, not the career choice he's making. I know a lot of jerks in the Corps and I know a lot of really nice genuine guys, but that was because before the Corps they were either jerks or nice guys. You really have to evaluate who he is as a person, there is going to be awful days that will bring out the worst in the nicest person. Is his worst something you can deal with? You never know if him being in the Corps just might humble him and make him appreciative of your relationship, at the same point it could amplify his already bad traits. Could the time apart make you both appreciate each other? Help in communications? Help bring back the passion in your relationship? You never know until you try. Have a serious talk with him about where your relationship is and is going. Figure out if your relationship is going to be able to withstand the strain the military will put on the relationship. But the thing you have to remember, you have to love him for who he is, even the arrogant jerk he might be. Yes, the stress of getting ready to leave for boot will incease his mood for the simple fact of fear of the unknown. But don't stay with him in hopes the the military will change him into the person you want him to be.<br />
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That of course is just my opinion. If you ever want to talk you can always private message me. I hope things work out for the best. :)

To be honest, there can be 2 outcomes to him coming back from boot camp. I'm not trying to scare you or anything. He can either come back appreciative of you and stuff like that, or he can come back even more of a jerk. You'll be able to tell by how he writes his letters and stuff like that during boot camp. Have you tried talking to him about how you're feeling?

lol true,.
and yes I have..he is hard headed

When does he leave? How long have you been together?

there are lots of ****** in the marine core, yes, but we are proof that there are tons of exceptions as well. your boyfriend should always respect you, your his women, he is your man and you are equal. the marine core does not encourage their men to have relationships because when they go to war they need to be fearless and focused and when they worry about their S/O back home its more difficult to be focused and fealess. however if he really loves you andy ou two are meant to be then it shouldnt matter that he is in the marine core, but if he was a jerk to you before he left then 2 things can happen. 1. the marines will show him some respect and he will start to change, also because he will finally realize that he needs you, 2. the marines will convince him he cant have a girl tieing him down and he just needs to focus on the marines and only the marines. i hope you two work it out for the better!