Sharing Some Random Rambling (:

I don't think ive shared with you guys how my Boyfriend and I met. We tend to get judged as soon as people find out. We met on an online site... After talking non stop for three months, he came to visit me(: ever since then we have been together it'll be a year in July.(: it has definitely been an amazing year. I love him with my whole heart... Now that I have him nothing but positive has come into
My life. I don't know what I'd do with out him now that's he's in my son and him are my everything. My son loves him
Too. Their so cute together. When people think our relationship is so great until
They find out how we met then it all changes. then they say what we have isn't real, or this girl had the nerve to call me a tag chaser. Which nothing makes me more mad then that. If he were to decide to get out I'd still be right by his side supporting him. I don't love him for what he does, I love him for who he is as a person and how he is with my son and I. That's the most important thing to me. He's currently been in for 6 yrs and is a Sergeant and is in the process
Of reenlisting...... Which kind of makes me sad thinking we could have a normal life but he keeps
Saying it's for the best it will benefit "us" in the long run. We will see what happens, I know it's what he really wants to do so of course it's hard but Ill be by his side no matter what. I know it's random rambling but thought I'd share (:
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Dont pay attention towards others judgement when it comes to how you and your boyfriend met. Everyone is different, but its good that your relationship has worked out, so in the end it doesnt matter how you two see one year is around the corner that means alot and it shows how well your relationship is between you two :) and the best part is him getting along with your son...not every guy is man enough to do that! GOOD for him ! From reading your story you seem very positive and supportive with what your boyfriend does...your awesome!

Reading this and reading all the comments makes me feel good knowing other people met the same way me and my boyfriend did..Im glad i went on the site and started talking to him if it wasnt for the site theres no way on Gods green earth we would of met..I get funny looks and 'Your crazy' but i blow it off because i know our love is real...

Haha I still get those looks when I tell them how we met. But I wouldnt have met mine either he's from Texas I'm from Cali. But he's stationed here in California so we see each other quite often. (: it does feel good to know your not the only "crazy" one hah. I hope everything works out for you guys!

Lol girl.... meeting online is the new thing!! Haha met my man online thought it was kind of weird but one of the best decisions I've ever made because I met someone amazing!! Stick by your man and support him in all that you can... is tough life to live but he's right it'll be worth it... toughest part is deployments which is what I'm going through now.... many of us have gone through it and it goes by faster than you think... your a lucky one keep your head up!! And don't listen to those other people cuz they're jealous you found your match online. :-)

I'm glad to hear it's not as weird as I thought (: haha it's crazy because I didn't know him at all and now he's my best friend & my love. Yeah I haven't gone through a deployment yet.... Thinking about it scares me. I know i can do it tho, waiting and be faithful isn't hard. Missing him is what the hard part is. I will learn not to listen to people on the outside who don't understand. Thank you for the advice (:

Your welcome!! And I hope you continue not to listen to the crazy people who don't understand what we go through.... and your right... its the missing part that's hard...

similar story, :) I need some advice! I met this marine online, and we have been talking non<x>stop for 3 days! and things are moving verryyy fast, we have already said i love you and have kinda talked about marriage, it feels like we have known each other forever. We havent met, and im really scared and dont know how to handle it.

Girl let me tell you, you think your nervous now... Wait till right before your gna meet. I was shaking and nervous lol silently freaking out at the airport.! My boyfriend and I talked everyday for 3 months before we actually got to meet. It's crazy how with out even meeting you have a amazingly great connection huh? (: well good luck with your new relationship I hope it all works out for you.!